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Treasury 'further exposes' Iran-al Qaeda relationship

The US Treasury Department has designated Adel Radi Saqr al Wahabi al Harbi, a "key member" of al Qaeda's Iran-based network. Al Harbi serves as the deputy to Muhsin al Fadhli, who now leads al Qaeda's presence in Iran. The US government has highlighted the Iran-al Qaeda relationship several times since July 2011.

Iraqi Shi'ite militants fight for Syria's Assad

Germany Faces Logistical and Political Trouble in Afghanistan Drawdown

Continued concern over Iran's nuclear program prompted the EU to impose a range of new economic sanctions on Iran. Iran said it would cut the imports of nonessential goods as it moves to a resistance economy.

Iranians Planning to Create Environmental Catastrophe in Hormuz Strait

Accusations mount of Hezbollah fighting in Syria

Bahrain king blasts 'foreign' links to unrest in swipe at Iran

Iran's foreign minister said "Iran is ready to show flexibility" in talks over its nuclear program. Iran would halt further uranium enrichment in exchange for a guaranteed supply and acknowledgment of Iran's right to enrich uranium.

Western intelligence sees 'small signs of wavering' on Iran nuclear policy

As Sanctions Bite, West And Tehran Play Risky Game

US warning reflects fears of Iranian cyberattack

Hezbollah takes responsibility for last week's drone over Israel

Just a couple of hours after Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu charged that Hezbollah was responsible for the drone sent over Israel on Oct. 6, Hezbollah took responsibility.

Iran aids Syria in tracking opposition via electronic surveillance, U.S. officials say

Westerners With Syrian Ties Trickle In to Help Rebels

The big three who can help save Afghanistan

Iran repelled cyberattacks against its communication networks on offshore oil and gas platforms. A think tank estimated Iran could produce enough enriched uranium for a nuclear bomb within two to four months.

Iran withdrew 275 members of its elite Qods Force from Syria. The force had been supporting the Assad regime.

Iran's currency chaos rattles leaders but fails to threaten grip

Citing US Fears, Arab Allies Limit Aid to Syrian Rebels

Israeli Air Force shoots down foreign drone

IAF-drone-shootdown.jpgOn Saturday morning the Israeli Air Force shot down a foreign drone in the northern Negev. The origin of the drone is currently unknown, but early theories point to Hezbollah or Iran.