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Israel to use drones in Azerbaijan for possible Iran strike: report

DIA to send hundreds more spies overseas

Flow of Arms to Syria Through Iraq Persists, to US Dismay

US Raises Pressure on Turkey Over Gold Trade With Iran

New flagpoles in Iran spark rumors of clandestine satellite jamming technology

Israeli Success in Downing Hamas Rockets Has World's Attention

Afghan Clerics Want Power To Issue Legally Binding Fatwas

Without Iran's support, Assad regime will collapse: report

The head of Iran's Atomic Energy Organization said Iran would continue to enrich uranium for its nuclear program. Talks between Iran and six world powers are expected to resume later this year or in January.

Sunni Leaders Gaining Clout in Mideast

Diagram suggests Iran working on nuclear bomb much more powerful than Hiroshima

Iran's nuclear stockpile grows but not yet in danger zone

Pakistan ranked 'most dangerous place for journalists' second year running

Official: Hamas will seek more weapons

Middle East shifts may weaken Iran's influence with Palestinians

New wars possible, new borders too

As cyberwarfare heats up, allies turn to US companies for expertise

Middle East shifts may weaken Iran's influence with Palestinians

Qatar's aid and Iran's arms compete in battered Gaza

For Israel, Gaza Conflict Is Test for an Iran Confrontation