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Iran launched a large air defense exercise. The exercise spanned Iran's northeastern, eastern, and southeastern regions.

US Fears Hezbollah Operative Held in Iraq May Go Free

Iran confirmed that its jets shot at a US reconnaissance drone. Iranian and UN officials plan to meet in Tehran next month to restart talks over Iran's nuclear program.

Iranian air force jets fired at an unarmed US drone. The drone was flying off the coast of Kuwait in international waters. Iran's news agency said the military would hold a "massive" air defense exercise, starting this weekend. Iran banned the importation of luxury goods.

Missiles Fired From Iran Into Afghanistan: Security Official

From Sudan to cyber, secret war with Iran heats up

Saudi Arabia Positions Itself For Larger Afghan Role

Iran denies suspension of high-grade uranium enrichment: lawmaker

Israel's red line on Iran: 240 kg

A Dramatic Change of Iran's Image in the Arab World

Sudan's Iran Alliance Under Scrutiny

Sudan: the new battlefield in Iran and Israel's covert conflict

Israel has concluded that Iran has pulled back from building a nuclear weapon. By converting some of its enriched uranium to civilian use, Iran has delayed building a bomb by 8 to 10 months.

Sudan, After Blast, Greets Iran Ships

Why Iran Wants to Attack the United States

Iran aims to defy sanctions through domestic production

Hizbollah debates dropping support for the regime of President Bashar al-Assad

US drones kill 4 AQAP fighters in rare strike in northern Yemen

Today's strike targeted an al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula cell in the northern province of Saada, where the government, local Salafists, and AQAP battle the Iranian-backed Shia Houthis.

Iran Uses Aid to Build Afghan Influence

Influx of Iraqi Shiites to Syria Widens War's Scope