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Iran eliminates sensitive stockpile under interim nuclear deal: IAEA

Militias that fought US now lead charge against Sunni militants

Iranian Commanders on Front Line of Iraq's Fight

Why Hezbollah is playing a smaller role in this Iraqi conflict

Hamas homemade rocket industry bypasses crumbling supply lines

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Iran's supreme leader calls for more nuclear enrichment capacity

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French firms look to conquer Iran

Iran's deputy foreign minister said his country is willing to provide weapons to Iraq if asked, but does not plan to send troops. He admitted, however, that Iran would be sending "military consultants" to Iraq to help it resist the advance of the Islamic State. He also blamed the rise of the IS on American policies in Syria, and ruled out the possibility of cooperating with the US against the IS.

US dawdles on Iraq as Russia, Iran jump in

Removal of Syrian chemical arsenal was result of unprecedented collaboration

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