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Iranian power plants and industrial sites were hit by cyberattacks. Iran suggested that the attacks came from the US and Israel. Iran began a series of naval exercises.

Tehran Denies Russian Women Get 'Hijab Payment'

Afghans seek policewoman's motive for killing US contractor

The EU imposed new economic sanctions on Iran over its nuclear program. India planned to cut oil imports from Iran next year. China, Iran's largest customer, planned to maintain its imports.

Lebanon's Shiites and Sunnis Fight in Syria, but Not at Home

UN warns of foreign influx into sectarian Syria war

Reports of Israeli drones operating in Azerbaijan spark Iranian condemnation, threats

Heron-TP.jpg Iran claims Israel is operating three separate drone platforms from Azerbaijan to conduct "secret spy missions" into Iranian territory. Iranian officials threatened that any drone crossing into Iranian airspace would receive a "sharp counterblow."

Iran's president said Western sanctions would not slow down its nuclear program. Iran's nuclear chief said Iran would not stop enriching uranium to 20 percent. The US resumed efforts to curb Iran's nuclear program.

Iran says oil revenues down by half

As Gold Is Spirited Out of Afghanistan, Officials Wonder Why

Khartoum allowing Iran to establish a Red Sea base

Iran claimed it has decoded all of the data from a US drone captured last year. The UN's nuclear agency said it had made no progress toward determining whether Iran was conducting research to build an atomic bomb.

Yemen security chief tells Iran to stop backing rebels

Iranian regime broadcasts video of 'captured' US drone

Hitmen on hold, Israelis might talk to Meshaal

Minorities in Lebanon Are Wary of Syrian War

Tehran visit: Zardari likely to take up unmet $330m Iranian pledge

Drones: A sign of the times

The Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps claimed it captured another US drone. The US denied the claim. The IRGC released a video purporting to show the drone.

Peace Prospects for Gaza Hinge on Egypt's Sinai