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Sunni Leaders Gaining Clout in Mideast

Diagram suggests Iran working on nuclear bomb much more powerful than Hiroshima

Iran's nuclear stockpile grows but not yet in danger zone

Pakistan ranked 'most dangerous place for journalists' second year running

Official: Hamas will seek more weapons

Middle East shifts may weaken Iran's influence with Palestinians

New wars possible, new borders too

As cyberwarfare heats up, allies turn to US companies for expertise

Middle East shifts may weaken Iran's influence with Palestinians

Qatar's aid and Iran's arms compete in battered Gaza

For Israel, Gaza Conflict Is Test for an Iran Confrontation

Hamas leaders emerge stronger than ever, Palestinians say

The head of the International Atomic Energy Agency said there was no evidence that economic sanctions had any affect on Iran's nuclear program. Iran was still producing enriched uranium at "a quite constant pace."

Analysis of Hamas Military Capability After Six-Day Conflict With Israel

Treasury adds Hezbollah leader who was in US custody last year to terrorism list

Musa Ali Daqduq has been added to the list of Specially Designated Global Terrorists. He was in US custody a mere 11 months ago before being transferred to Iraq and subsequently freed, and his terrorist activities were well known.

Herat, Freewheeling Afghan City, Fearful of US Pullout

Brigades That Fire on Israel Show a Deadly New Discipline

A report from the IAEA said Iran had doubled the capacity at its uranium enrichment plant. Iran has postponed the startup of a nuclear reactor in Akak; the research reactor has the capability of producing plutonium for nuclear arms.

Iran Set to Double Nuclear Fuel Capability

The US, China, Russia, France, the UK, and Germany planned to meet to discuss negotiation strategy over Iran's nuclear program; it is unclear if Iran is ready to participate in negotiations. Iran state TV reported the arrest of people plotting bomb attacks with the support of Western and Israeli spy agencies.