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The Foreign Minister said Iran could consider a new round of talks between Iran and six world powers over its nuclear program. The talks would start on Feb. 25 in Kazakhstan. He also said Iran would support talks with Syria's rebel leaders.

Top Afghan commander: If UK leaves Afghanistan, Taliban will return to launch global jihad

Iran 'faked British chemical weapons plot'

Israel reportedly struck additional targets in Syria, regime releases video

Report: German check bust man is ex-Iran bank head

Iran rial hits all-time dollar low

Biden: U.S. open to direct talks with Iran

Panetta: Iranian threat spreads

A senior security official pledged Iran's full support for the Assad regime in Syria. US Defense Secretary Panetta said Iran's Revolutionary Guards were exporting portable antiaircraft missiles. US Vice President Biden said the US was prepared to hold direct talks with Iran over its nuclear program.

Pakistan Fines Afghan Traders $50m for Stalled Containers

Iran increasing Syrian regime aid, Clinton warns

Iran has told the UN nuclear agency it plans to upgrade the equipment at its Natanz plant, accelerating the production of enriched uranium. Iran's oil exports rose as it circumvented economic sanctions.

Iran, Israel and Their Red Lines Over Syria

Sanctioning Iran: Analyzing the Response from China, Japan and South Korea

More security for Israeli diplomats in India

Iran fuel may be part of U.S.-funded Afghan supply deals: report

Israeli PM says only U.S. military strike can halt Iran's nuke program

Day after Alleged Sabotage at Fordow: Hardly the Expected Emergency Response

Families of servicemen killed in attack to get Iran money

Exclusive: Iran crude oil exports rise to highest since EU sanctions