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Iran's flight of fancy as image of new fighter jet is 'faked'

The head of Iran's atomic agency said Iran began installing a new generation of uranium enrichment machines last month. Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu warned that Iran was nearing the red line he had drawn at the UN. A delegation from the International Atomic Energy Agency is seeking a deal that will enable it to visit the Parchin military site.

Report: Terrorist killed in Burgas attack is relative of living Canadian suspect

Iran converted some if its enriched uranium into reactor fuel, rendering it unusable for a nuclear weapon. This is the second time Iran has taken this action, having converted 100 kg of its enriched uranium into reactor fuel last year.

Iran's Srebrenica: How Ayatollah Khomeini sanctioned the deaths of 20,000 'enemies of the state'

Hezbollah's strategy: Rockets on Tel Aviv, raids on Galilee

U.S. said to be target of massive cyber-espionage campaign

Hezbollah moves into south Lebanon villages

Iran and Hezbollah build militia networks in Syria in event that Assad falls, officials say

Exclusive: U.N. monitors see arms reaching Somalia from Yemen, Iran

President Ahmadinejad said he is ready to have talks with the US if the West stops pressuring his country over its nuclear program. Hundreds of thousands of pro-government supporters celebrated the 34th anniversary of the Islamic revolution that ousted the shah in 1979.

Insight: Iran nuclear fuel move may avert mid-year crisis

Iran political bickering heats up as election approaches

Iran's ambassador to Bulgaria denied that his country was involved in a bombing that killed five Israelis in Bulgaria last year. After the attack, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu had accused Hezbollah and Iran of waging a terror campaign.

Iran's leader Khamenei rejected an offer from the US for direct talks over its nuclear program. State television broadcast videos it said were taken from a US spy drone captured in December 2011. The US and Western nations imposed a new round of economic sanctions on Iran.

Ahmadzai Claims Spy Agencies Oppose Afghan Local Police

New details on Burgas attack emerge as search intensifies for those responsible

Officials from several countries are said to be trying to find two members of Hezbollah alleged to be behind the Burgas terror attack. Meanwhile, new details on the attack have been released by those involved in the investigation.

Ahmadinejad visits Cairo: How sect tempers Islamist ties between Egypt, Iran

At the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation summit in Cairo, President Ahmadinejad called for a strategic alliance with Egypt and proposed a loan to the cash-strapped country. Egypt's response was cool.

Prominent al Qaeda leader killed in drone strike in 2012

Abd el Kader Mahmoud Mohamed el Sayed was a close advisor to al Qaeda emir Ayman al Zawahiri and served as a military commander in Afghanistan before he was killed. El Sayed was involved in the Luxor massacre and, while living in Milan, was recorded by Italian intelligence discussing terror plots against the West.