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Iranian-backed militant group in Iraq is recasting itself as a political player

Stung by 'Argo,' Iran Backs Conference Decrying 'Hollywoodism'

Targeting Tehran's Euros

Indian pays for Iran oil in rupees, Turkey route halted: sources

Syria's Proxy Wars: In Lebanon's Bekaa Valley, the Specter of Conflict Looms

Hezbollah Unmasked

Report: Iran confiscates Buddha statues to stop promotion of Buddhism

A parliamentary leader said Iran would never close the Fordow nuclear site in exchange for easing economic sanctions. The Fordow plant produces 20 percent enriched uranium, which can be turned into weapons material. Iran's navy plans to establish a new base near Pakistan's border.

The UN Secretary General said Iran was on the same path toward developing a nuclear weapon as North Korea. Ayatollah Khamenei denied Iran was developing nuclear weapons but warned that no state could stop Iran if it chose to do so. Iran blamed Israel for killing an Iranian general in Syria and said it would seek revenge.

Senior IRGC official killed in Syria 'was no less than Mughniyah'

Hassan Shateri, who was recently killed in Syria, served as a senior official in the IRGC. He also had close ties with Hezbollah, a group he greatly aided during his time in Lebanon.

Assassination Will Not Weaken Iran's Support for Assad

Iran could use U.N. talks as cover to build bomb, Ban Ki-moon says

Exclusive: Turkey to Iran gold trade wiped out by new U.S. sanction

Shateri: Iran's Regional Point Man

A general in the Iranian Revolutionary Guards was assassinated while traveling in Syria. Iran attempted to acquire 100,000 specialized magnets used in uranium enrichment machines, indicating it planned to accelerate its nuclear program. Iran denied having supplied arms to Islamist militants in Somalia.

Iran's bid to buy banned magnets stokes fears about major expansion of nuclear capacity

Iran's flight of fancy as image of new fighter jet is 'faked'

The head of Iran's atomic agency said Iran began installing a new generation of uranium enrichment machines last month. Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu warned that Iran was nearing the red line he had drawn at the UN. A delegation from the International Atomic Energy Agency is seeking a deal that will enable it to visit the Parchin military site.

Report: Terrorist killed in Burgas attack is relative of living Canadian suspect

Iran converted some if its enriched uranium into reactor fuel, rendering it unusable for a nuclear weapon. This is the second time Iran has taken this action, having converted 100 kg of its enriched uranium into reactor fuel last year.