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Ripe oil market offers window to amp up pressure on Iran: report

Covert Iranian nuclear dealings via Turkey revealed

Erosion of Syrian power accelerating, top US intelligence official says

Hezbollah's European enablers

Hezbollah expanding its telecom network

Iran blocks use of tool to get around Internet filter

Iran-North Korea Pact Draws Concern

Iran: Haven or prison for al Qaeda?

Qantas caught in Iran plot

India set to halt Iran oil imports over insurance

A nifty conceit: the EU, Hezbollah, and Lebanon

Former bin Laden spokesman in US custody

Sulaiman Abu Ghaith served Osama bin Laden as a spokesman, threatened mass casualty attacks against America, and recruited the al Qaeda cell responsible for a 2002 attack on US Marines in Kuwait. He lived under a loose former of house arrest in Iran for years before being reportedly freed in 2010.

Iranian leader Ayatollah Khamenei criticized Western powers for not offering concessions in last week's talks over Iran's nuclear program. He said the West was using the program as a pretext to impose economic sanctions.

Israel warns citizens of threat of 'global jihad' and Iranian-sponsored attacks

US General Mattis said sanctions over Iran's nuclear program were not working. US Secretary of State Kerry said Iran was getting closer to building a nuclear bomb. The US delegate to the UN's nuclear agency accused Iran of "deception, defiance and delay". In a joint statement, the EU said Iran was stonewalling the UN agency.

Iran's Khamenei seen tightening his grip in vote to replace Ahmadinejad

Big powers want fast results in revived diplomacy with Iran

US, Saudis paper over differences on Syria, Iran during Kerry visit

Second trading firm says it supplied Iranian firm linked to atomic work

US Weighs Risks and Motives of Hacking by China or Iran