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How Iranian weapons go through Syria to Hezbollah

The defense ministry said Iran has never sent "military forces" to Syria; IRGC chief Jafari stated in September that Quds Force members were in Syria to give the government "counsel and advice." Syrian National Coalition chief Sabra alleged that "[t]housands of Iranian forces and its terrorist collaborators from Hezbollah are invading Syria." The US has claimed that Iranian as well as Lebanese Hezbollah fighters are battling Syrian rebels in Qusayr. Ex-president Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani and former government official Esfandiar Rahim Mashaie were barred from running for president.

A new report from the UN's atomic energy agency said Iran is significantly expanding its nuclear program, and has started work on an alternative approach to developing a nuclear weapon. Advanced equipment for the enrichment of uranium is being installed at an accelerating pace at the Natanz plant, and work is progressing at other sites as well. The US State Dept. called the report an "unfortunate milestone."

Geneva talks on Syria last chance to avoid foreign intervention

West may boost Syria rebels if Assad won't talk peace

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Paris supports labeling Hezbollah over Assad ties

Two Argentina bombing suspects among Iran presidential hopefuls

Iran and Hezbollah Support for Syria Complicates Peace-Talk Strategy

Evidence Of Iranian Arms Provided To Syria In The Past 18 Months

Two alleged spies were hanged this morning. Iranian courts had convicted Kourosh Ahmadi of passing information to the CIA, and Mohammad Heydari had been convicted of passing information to Israel's Mossad.

Video: The Telegraph visits Syrian Sayyida Zainab mosque

Iran-Based Hackers Traced to Cyber Attack on U.S. Company

Assad forces gaining ground in Syria

EU moving toward ban of Hezbollah's military wing

Poppy Cultivation Rises in Badakhshan

Hezbollah and Al Qaeda Fighters Edging Closer to Full Scale Confrontation

Egyptian interior minister: Al Qaeda cell plotted suicide attack against Western embassy

Egypt's interior minister said that three members of an al Qaeda cell that was plotting to attack a Western embassy have been arrested. The cell received training in Iran and Pakistan and contacted al Qaeda in Algeria. The cell also has ties to the so-called Nasr City Cell.

'Iranian citizens' reported killed in ISAF airstrike

Why Israel's Interceptors Can Stop Syrian Missiles -- And Why It Attacked Anyway