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Spokesman Says Iran's President 'Will Return With Hidden Imam'

Fears false Iranian refugees with 'sinister motives' may enter Canada as 19 are rejected on security grounds

The Sheikh of Terror

Syrian conflict's sectarian shadow over Lebanon

As Sanctions Bite, Iranians Invest Big in Georgia

A senior Iranian official said calls by Sunni clerics such as Sheikh Youssef al-Qaradawi for jihad in Syria are fueling terrorism in the region. He also claimed that Iran was providing only "economic, political and media support" to Syria, not military aid to the Syrian army, and that Hezbollah was in Syria only to protect Lebanese in Syria from violence and guard the Lebanese-Syrian border.

New Iranian President Tied to 1994 Bombing

Rohani once approved of hiding Iran atomic work

Fears Grow Over Yemenis' Ties to Iran

Hidden Report Reveals How Iran Dodges Nuclear Watchdogs

Interview with Saudi Prince Turki bin Faisal on Syria and Hezbollah

Boris Johnson: We've left it too late to save Syria - this conflict can never be won

Iran to deploy 4000 troops in Syria to support Assad forces

Hassan Rouhani, a "moderate" cleric and former chief nuclear negotiator, won the presidential election by a just over 50% majority, avoiding a runoff challenge. Rouhani has promised to ease sanctions on Iran and was recently endorsed by reformist candidate Mohammad Reza Aref, who pulled out of the race on June 11. In August, Rouhani will take over from President Ahmadinejad.

Canada ramps up its Iranian experiment

Exporting Terror in America's Backyard

Hamas-ruled Gaza suffers drop in aid from Iran, foreign charities because of Syrian civil war

Iran election: Ayatollah Khamenei's shadow looms larger than any candidate's

NSA Snooping Was Only the Beginning. Meet the Spy Chief Leading Us Into Cyberwar

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