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Analysis: Hezbollah's Syria victory risks wider Sunni-Shi'ite conflict

Bulgaria wants faster foreign help in bus bomb investigation

Syrian war widens Sunni-Shia schism as foreign jihadis join fight for shrines

Resistance Seen in EU to Blacklisting Hezbollah

Iran Guards wield electoral power behind scenes

Israel fast-tracks development of Arrow III defense system over Iran concerns

U.S. warned Europe of Hezbollah operations before terror attacks last year

Suspected pirates face unprecedented trial in US court

Iran's Arak reactor looms into Israeli, Western view

Sunni Cleric Urges Muslims to Help Syria Rebels

Taliban delegation visits Tehran to meet Iranian officials

Iran cuts Hamas funding over Syria

State Department highlights Iran's 'marked resurgence' of state-sponsored terrorism

The State Department's Country Reports on Terrorism 2012 summarizes Iran's extensive support for terrorists, including al Qaeda and Taliban members. The State Department also recognized Iran's support for Houthi rebels in Yemen.

Nigeria arrests 3 alleged Hezbollah members

When Assad shells rebels, Israel goes on alert and learns

Argentine prosecutor accuses Iran of establishing terror network in Latin America

Alberto Nisman, the Argentine prosecutor who investigated the 1994 AMIA bombing, issued a 500-page document that accused Iran of establishing terror networks throughout Latin America since the 1980s.

Argentinian prosecutor alleges extensive Iranian terror activity in South America

Israeli or U.S. Action Against Iran: Who Will Do It If It Must Be Done?

Egyptian jihadists call for attacks in Shiite countries

Mohammed Zawahiri on Al Faroq Media Facebook Page.jpgMohammed Zawahiri, the brother of al Qaeda's emir, is one of the 20 Egyptian jihadists who issued a statement calling upon Sunnis to launch attacks in Shiite-led countries in response to the Bashir al Assad regime's offensive in Qusayr, Syria. Iran and Hezbollah have reportedly joined the fight in Qusayr alongside Assad's forces.

Rebels want arms post-EU embargo