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Violence in Iraq's Diyala province causes concern

President-elect Rowhani said Iran's economy has contracted for the first time since the 1980s and that inflation is now at 42 percent. Israel is urging the US to intensify its sanctions against Iran. Russia, backed by China, has blocked a UN report that accused Iran of violating UN sanctions by conducting missile tests and shipping weapons to insurgents in Yemen; the move prevents the UN from imposing new sanctions on Iran at present.

Zahar Rebuilds Ties Between Hamas and Iran

How European courts are dismantling sanctions on Iran

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US seeking direct nuke talks with Iran: report

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Report: Web monitoring devices made by U.S. firm Blue Coat detected in Iran, Sudan

Syria is a '10-year issue,' top US general says

Iran's Ayatollahs Blame Morsi's 'Pro-Israeli, Pro-US' Stance For Egypt Crisis

Diary Of An MKO Rent-A-Crowd Demonstrator

Pakistan builds new training centres for Taliban

AMIA prosecutor ordered not to present findings to US congress

Insurers Quizzed by N.Y. Regulator Lawsky on Iran Links

Iran importing missile-grade ore from Germany, France

Arms ship seized by Yemen may have been Somalia-bound: UN