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Turkey not expected to revise Syria policy

Iran confirms it carried out air strikes against Islamic State extremists in Iraq

AQAP claims bombing of Iranian ambassador's residence in Yemen

Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula has claimed credit for a car bombing this morning outside the Sana'a residence of Iran's new ambassador to Yemen.

Recent Iran airstrikes in Iraq help drive Islamic State from 2 towns

Iran Bombing Islamic State In Iraq, US Official Confirms

Islamic State cell strikes Shiites in Saudi Arabia

Hezbollah arrives in Iraq

IAEA says needs more money to monitor extended Iran nuclear deal

Turkey, US ease strains on Islamic State but differences remain

Iran Nuclear Talks Extended Until July

Iranian Kurdish female fighters battle to fight IS group

Iraqi forces, Iranian-supported militias report success in Baiji

The League of the Righteous, a Shiite militia that is responsible for killing hundreds of US soldiers in Iraq between 2006-2011, helped Iraqi forces take control of Baiji. The US provided air support.

UAE emerges as quiet, potent US ally

Congress lays groundwork for stepped-up US presence in Iraq

Austria's radical Islam problem

The small Alpine country has become an extremist hub, where Hamas enjoys support, Iranian intelligence maintains a significant presence, and jihadist groups such as the Islamic State are drawing members and planning attacks.

Port Authority Officer Kept Sources With Ties to Iran Attacks

Syrian official: negotiations with US blocked by Saudi Arabia

Iranian general is said to mastermind Iraq ground war

UN Says Iran Is Silent on Efforts for a Bomb

Appointment of Iraq's new interior minister opens door to militia and Iranian influence