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Hezbollah gambles all in Syria

Pentagon Contractor Used Iran for Project

President Rouhani claimed that the greatest danger in the Middle East is that of chemical weapons in Syria falling into the hands of terrorists, and warned against a military intervention in Syria. He also said Iran is ready to engage on talks about its nuclear program as long as Iran's right to enrich uranium for peaceful purposes is respected.

Obama's Favorite General Stripped of His Security Clearance

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Qassem Suleimani, the Middle East's Most Powerful Operative

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Danish-Iranian artist convicted of racism

Insight: U.S. and allies target Hezbollah financing, ties in Africa

Iran Said to Seek a Nuclear Accord to End Sanctions

In Iran, Fordow Nuclear Plant Virtually Sacred Ground

Obama Administration Weighs Iran Talks at U.N.

President Rouhani said Iran would never develop nuclear weapons and that it was seeking only "peaceful nuclear technology." Earlier this week, Supreme Leader Khamenei spoke of the need for "heroic flexibility" and said it was "not necessary" for the Revolutionary Guards to be politically active.

Obama says he wants to test Iran president's interest in dialogue

Analysis: Harsher US sanctions on Iran oil sales may have little effect

Iran Increases Aid to PFLP Thanks to Syria Stance

Iranian President's Speech and Online Army Video Point to Iran's Dueling Interests in Syria

Intelligence Sources: Rohani Prepared to Shut Down Nuclear Site

UN Syria warcrimes team checking 14 alleged chemical attacks