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Security forces arrested eight British diplomats for their alleged role in the post-election violence. The Expediency Council is due to release its verdict on the election results. Supreme Leader Khameinei vowed that government will deal with the election review under the law and seek national unity.

The streets of Tehran were calm as protesters decide their next move. The Expediency Council said that Khameinei's word on the election is final. Ahmadinejad called Obama's comments on the post election violence "insulting." Basijj continued to carry out night raids and target private homes.

Iran pledges 'crushing' response to US critiques

Iran's security council tells Moussavi to back off

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Authorities claimed that the election was "healthiest" in the last three decades. Khatami announced that protesters should be "dealt with cruelly and without mercy"; he accused foreign journalists of fomenting the demonstrations. Mousavi came under pressure to drop his election complaint. Grand Ayatollah Nasser Makarem-Shirazi called for national reconciliation in the post-election atmosphere. G-8 countries announced that post-election violence is "deplorable."

Iran: Mousavi under 'house arrest

The government arrested 70 academics in a crackdown. Ahmadinejad told the Obama administration not to interfere with election results. Mousavi issued a web statement maintaining that elections were rigged; he has not been seen in public for days. Karroubi canceled a planned ceremony to mourn the deaths of protesters. Mohsen Rezaie withdrew complaints over election results.

Violence flares again on the street of Tehran

Iran TV: Partial vote recount verifies election result

Iranian opposition tarred by public 'confessions' from arrested protesters

Khamenei vowed that the government will stand firm on election results, stating "Neither the establishment nor the nation will yield to pressure at any cost." President Obama condemned the government crackdown on protesters. The Obama administration contacted Khamenei before the election.

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Clerics join Iran's anti-government protests

Iran cracks down as reformists call for mourning

Signs Mousavi's rebel stature being eroded in Iran

Gates: Gulf nations support of Iraq contains Iran

The Guardian Council refused to nullify the recent election results; its spokesman stated that "in the recent presidential election we found no witness of major fraud or breach in the election." Ahmadinejad is to be sworn in at the end of July. Neda Agha-Soltan's martyrdom becomes a symbol for the protest movement. Reza Pahlavi vowed to help his compatriots reach freedom.

Iran starts airforce manoeuvres in Gulf

Iran began three days of air force exercises in the Gulf and the Sea of Oman to raise operational and support capability. The Guardian Council announced possible polling irregularities in 50 districts. The Revolutionary Guards warned citizens of "revolutionary confrontation" if they return to the streets to protest. Mousavi received support from Ayatollah Zanjani. Hugo Chavez said that the world must respect Ahmadinejad's "triumph."