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US frees suspect in killing of 5 GIs

US releases Iraqi Shia terror group leader

Laith-Qazali.JPGLaith al Qazali, the brother of Qais Qazali and a leader of the Qods Force-backed League of the Righteous, a Mahdi Army splinter group, was set free as part of negotiations to secure the release of five British hostages.

Iran's main nuclear plant expanding rapidly, says IAEA

Zahra Rahnavard demands apology from Iran™s President Ahmadinejad

Iran hangs two Jundallah men

Iran closer to nuclear weapon capacity

IAEA: New uranium traces found in Syria

Iranian poll rivals clash on live TV

Jundallah killed one civilian and wounded two others in an attack on a bus west of Zahedan, where violence has broken out over the past week. Israel's foreign minister said his country has no intentions of bombing Iran's nuclear facilities. President Ahmadinejad called the Holocaust a "big deception."

A senior Iranian official said that Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khomeini, and not the elected president of Iran, will decide on the direction of the country's nuclear program and relations with the US. More than 30 people were detained after unrest in the southern city of Zahedan that resulted in the deaths of 10 people.

Five reported killed in arson attack in southeastern Iran

Pakistan vows to wipe out Jundullah: report

Iran closed its border with Pakistan. Security forces defused a homemade bomb found on a domestic flight. Iran executed three men for complicity in last week's mosque bombing in Zahedan and detained "a number of individuals who intended to create insecurity" in the city.

Iranian officials defuse bomb found on plane

Iran calls in Pakistan envoy over mosque bomb

Iran ready to aid Lebanon army: Nasrallah

"Gunmen" attacked President Ahmadinejad's campaign office in the southern city of Zahedan; three civilians, including a child, were wounded. Iranian leaders blamed the US and Jundallah for yesterday's attack on a mosque in Zahedan that killed 19 people. Jundallah said it launched a suicide attack against a secret IRGC meeting at the mosque.

Thirty people were killed and more than 80 were wounded in an explosion during prayers at the second largest mosque in the city of Zahedan, the capital of Sistan-Baluchistan province. The mosque was reportedly leveled in the explosion. No group has taken credit for the attack.

Iran blocks Facebook ahead of presidential polls

Pak behind Iran missile test: Israeli expert