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Iran signed a pact yesterday with the IAEA giving it "managed access" to some of the country's nuclear facilities, but not to its most sensitive sites, including the Parchin complex. President Rouhani transferred the work of the "modesty project," which attempts to enforce Islamic dress codes on women, from the police to the Ministry of the Interior.

Hardened in Syrian war, Hezbollah presents new set of threats

To expand Khamenei's grip on the economy, Iran stretched its laws

Israeli sources claim $170 billion price for nuclear Iran

Khamenei's conglomerate thrived as sanctions squeezed Iran

Iran and the US blamed each other for failing to come to an agreement about Iran's nuclear program in recent talks. An investigation shows that the business empire controlled by Supreme Leader Khamenei is worth about $95 billion, some 40% more than Iran's total oil exports last year, which amounted to $67.4 billion.

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Khamenei controls vast financial empire built on property seizures

John Kerry's Middle East dream world

Iran Balked at Language of Draft Nuclear Deal, Western Diplomats Say

How France Scuttled The Iran Deal at the Last Minute

Iranian nuclear talks end without a deal

The Dollar Value of the Proposed Sanctions Relief at Geneva

A lawmaker claimed that Iran has "hundreds" of troops in Syria assisting Assad regime forces; the IRGC countered that "Iran has only advisers in Syria to transfer its military experience to the Syrian army." Iran entered talks with world powers in Geneva about its nuclear program. The Sunni militant group Jaish-ul Adl claimed the recent assassination of a prosecutor in Zabol.

US-Iran Thaw Grew From Years Of Behind-the-Scenes Talks

Saudi nuclear weapons 'on order' from Pakistan

Tens of thousands of protesters gathered outside the former US Embassy in Tehran on the 34th anniversary of its seizure, chanting "Death to America," in the largest such gathering in years. President Rouhani said he was "not optimistic" about negotiations with the West on Iran's nuclear program, and Supreme Leader Khamenei said, "No one should see our negotiating team as compromisers."

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