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Iran's PressTV continues to distort LWJ's coverage of US strikes in Pakistan

Several countries in Europe have stopped fueling Iranian airlines due to sanctions. BP issued an order to its suppliers in Europe to halt the refueling of Iranian airlines. The commander of Iran's Ground Forces said the military's missiles can "can target any invader." The oil minister said two new gas fields have been discovered.

The head of the Iranian Parliament said his country would quit nuclear talks if sanctions are tightened. The Iranian Air Force claimed it will deploy UAVs along its borders. The commander of Iran's Passive Defense Organization claimed the US has launched a cyberwar against his country.

Clinton says steel vise crushing global activists

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said UN sanctions are "pathetic" and Iran is "is a sleeping lion ... which is waking up." The foreign minister said Iran would step up diplomacy with Europe. The CEO of Total said sanctions against Iran are a "serious mistake."

UAE moves on illegal nuclear and weapons trade

Iran sells advanced radar system to Syria

Mottaki cheers US, English, and French losses in World Cup

Pakistan and Iran 'backing Afghan attacks on British troops'

US officials said that Tehran sold Syria an advanced radar system to stymie an Israeli surprise air attack. The top IAEA inspector will resign after 30 years of monitoring fissile material. Tehran issued death sentences for those indicted in a prison torture scandal.

Tehran prepared to execute Kurds accused of collaborating with the PJAK. Iran lifted a restriction on foreign investment in Iranian banks. Iran's foreign minister said the US, England, and France deserved to lose World Cup.

Officials said that new gasoline sanctions pose no risk to Iran. The Russian foreign minister said the CIA's assessment of Iran's nuclear capabilities of Iran is not new. The US Joint Chiefs of Staff said Iran will continue to pursue nuclear weapons despite new sanctions.

Who's afraid of talking to the Taliban? Many Afghans

CIA chief Leon Panetta said UN sanctions won't stop Iranian nuclear ambitions. President Ahmedinejad said there are three conditions for talks on Iran's nuclear program. Iranian trade with Dubai has been hit due to UN sanctions.

CIA Director Leon Panetta said Iran can produce nuclear weapons by 2012. The Iranian Red Crescent claimed Egypt has blocked one of its ships that is designated to run the Gaza blockade. The deputy oil minister claimed US sanctions are benefiting Iranian petroleum industries by making them self-sufficient.

The G8 members said its members "are profoundly concerned by Iran™s continued lack of transparency regarding its nuclear activities." Three US hikers declared as spies may have been captured inside Iraq. The deputy oil minister said Iran would be able to fully refine its own gasoline by 2013.

Trial of Iran's 'blogfather' begins in Tehran

The US Congress approved new sanctions on Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps and the energy sector. Tehran canceled a planned flotilla trip to the Gaza Strip.

Iran - Hiker moms: Shocked by report on children's arrest

Tehran took steps to prepare for fuel sanctions from the West. Brazil told Iran that it must address Western concerns over the proposed fuel-swap deal. UAE trade authorities shut down 40 local companies for doing business with Tehran.