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The European Union is considering stiffening sanctions on Iran for its nuclear program. The EU is also seeking to set a new date for talks with Iran. Iran is encouraging foreign firms to invest in its energy sector.

Iraqi cleric meets with PM candidate in Syria

The Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps has pulled out of a gas field project due to sanctions. Germany is investigating the European-Iranian Handelsbank AG for funneling money to Iran. The defense minister claimed Iran will launch a new, high-tech submarine.

Iran's parliament urged the government to continue to pursue uranium enrichment. The oil minister said Iran would begin blacklisting foreign firms. A senior Islamic Revolution Guards Corps commander said the Zahedan suicide attack was a sign of "weakness."

Iran - Reformist opposition blames government for recent terror attacks

A senior member of the Iranian parliament said that "Pakistan is terrorists' shelter" and "Pakistani officials must be held accountable for the issue." Police arrested 40 people in connection to the Zahedan mosque suicide attacks that was carried out by Jundallah.

Taliban commander linked to al Qaeda, Iran, killed in US strike in western Afghanistan

Mullah Akhtar and an undisclosed number of Taliban fighters were killed during a combined special operations raid on a training camp used by foreign fighters in Farah. Akhtar is one of several Taliban leaders linked to Iran's Qods Force.

US - Appeals court sides with Iranian dissident group

Tehran blamed the US and the UK for Jundallah's double suicide attack on a mosque in Zaderan. The CIA said that an Iranian scientist was an asset for many years.

Jundallah suicide attack targets Iran's Revolutonary Guards Corps

Jundallah-suicide-bombers-Zahedan-thumb.jpgA pair of suicide bombers struck at a mosque in Zahedan during Revolutionary Guard Day.

Jundallah claimed a pair of suicide attacks outside a mosque in Zahedan that killed 21 people, including members of the Revolutionary Guards Corps. Jundallah claimed it carried out the attacks to avenge the execution of its former leader, Abdulmalik Rigi.

An attack on Iran: Back on the table

The CIA paid the Iranian scientist who defected to the US $5 million for information. Tehran said that the scientist had no intimate knowledge of Iran's nuclear program. Russia's energy minister announced a plan for cooperation with Iran's energy sector.

Somalia's al-Shabab wants to join terror's big league

Bolivia's triborder zone a haven for terror funding

Iranian-backed Shia terror group remains a threat in Iraq: General Odierno

Hezbollah Brigades has imposed an "increased threat" over the past several weeks, the US' top commander in Iraq said. The terror group remains tied to Iran's Revolutionary Guard Corps.

An Iranian scientist who went missing in Saudi Arabia more than a year ago has appeared at the Pakistani embassy in Washington, DC. The foreign minister dismissed Russian President Medeved's remarks that Iran is close to building a nuclear weapon as "unrealistic."

Amid threat, US heightens security at its Iraq bases

Germany agrees to accept two Gitmo detainees

Ohmed-Ahmed-Mahamoud-Al-Shurfa.jpgLast week, German Interior Minister Thomas de Maizière said that his country has agreed to accept two Gitmo detainees. One of the two was recruited by Hamas, trained in an al Qaeda camp, and allegedly wanted to conduct a suicide operation. The other allegedly traveled to Afghanistan to wage jihad after the September 11 attacks.

Iran - Clerics to work within Tehran schools