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Iran threatened to reduce cooperation with the IAEA. The US moved to support Iranian political dissidents with web and communication technologies. Iranian opposition leaders canceled a protest to commemorate the June 12, 2009, presidential election.

President Ahmadinejad dismissed newly passed sanctions against Iran as "annoying flies." Russia froze a contract to deliver S-300 anti-aircraft system to Iran. Tehran threatened to "revise" ties with the IAEA.

Mideast expert calls for US talks with Hezbollah

A resilient Iran shields itself from pressure by building alliances

The UN Security Council passed new Iran sanctions today. Iran aired conflicting video messages from an Iranian scientist who defected to the United States. Tehran denied chasing Kurdish rebels into Iraqi territory.

IAEA chief cites suspicions about Iran

Tehran's maritime shell corporations

A new Middle East triangle?

Iran to send aid ships to Gaza

The US made its case for new sanctions against Iran just days ahead of the UN Security Council vote. Israeli forces said they will deny access to Iranian ships headed to Gaza. Iran opened the world's first women-only bank branch.

Karzai™s increasing isolation worries both Afghans and the West

UN 'to adopt' fourth round of Iran nuclear sanctions

Pakistan - Iran to approve "peace pipeline" deal on Tuesday

Tehran offered an Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps escort for a Red Crescent flotilla headed to Gaza Strip. The IAEA called Iran a "special case" because of their suspected military nuclear enrichment. Tehran begins construction on a natural gas pipeline to Europe.

The Islamic Revolution Guards Corps said its forces are prepared to escort ships seeking to violate the blockade off the coast of Gaza. Iran is reportedly smuggling advanced equipment to aid in the development of the nuclear site at Natanz. The chief of the central bank denied reports Iran is dumping the euro.

Al Qaeda-linked Taliban commander killed in western Afghanistan

Mullah Akhtar had ties to senior al Qaeda leaders and facilitated the training of Taliban fighters in Iran. He also has ties to Iran's Qods Force.

Iraq disarms Sunni tribal militias in Diyala

Russia and Germany both support sanctions against Iran. "We hope the voice of the international community will be heard by the Iranian leadership," Russian President Medvedev said. The Non-Aligned Movement unanimously supported Iran's nuclear program. Iranian troops crossed the Iraqi border in pursuit of Kurdish separatists.

Iranian leaders accuse dissidents of betraying Islamic revolution

Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said that Iranian opposition is "trampling on the Islamic Revolution." Tehran called on the world to stop Israeli war atrocities. The Iranian Air Force will conduct an air show in coming weeks.