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India concerned over security of Pakistan's nuclear programme

India's PM to unveil plan to meet nuclear terror at Korea summit

The name's Vinod, Agent Vinod: Pakistan bans Bollywood's James Bond

US exempts Japan and EU nations from Iran oil sanctions

US report criticizes Turkey for serious limitations on religious freedom

Indian police have linked the bomb attack on an Israeli diplomat to the failed bomb attack in Thailand. Israel blamed Iran for both attacks.

China bank pulls out of Pakistan-Iran pipeline project

Hindu girls are forced to marry Muslims: Pakistani president Asif Ali Zardari's sister

Indian police say Delhi, Bangkok blasts linked

Pakistan - Indian guru wants Taliban to de-stress

Pakistan's ISI behind Indian mission blast in Afghanistan: UK intel ex-chief

Pakistan - New ISI chief not related to Bollywood star: ISPR

Pakistani Hindus seek safety in India

An Indian journalist working for an Iranian news agency was arrested in connection with last month's car bomb attack on an Israeli diplomat. Israel has accused Iran of being behind the attack.

Pakistan test-fires nuclear-capable Hatf missile

Terror's new weapon: Capsule bomb

Foiled Delhi blast: Homegrown jihadis Lashkar's latest weapon

Security forces arrested two Lashkar-e-Taiba operatives in New Delhi. "They were planning to detonate a bomb or more than one bomb in a crowded locality," India's home minister said.

Thailand to change visa laws after Iranian spies breach

Thai police pursue fifth bomb suspect [Updated]