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Taliban release video honoring 'Ghazi' who attacked ISAF soldiers, escaped custody

The Taliban video praises rogue Afghan National Army soldier Lambar Khan, who participated in a deadly July 9 "green-on-blue" attack at Kandahar Airfield, as well as a second rogue ANA soldier, Lieutenant Ihasanullah, who helped free Khan from custody a few days later. Both men are seen pledging allegiance to the Taliban.

Afghan Air Force to be Fully Equipped Within Eight Years: ISAF

Taliban shadow district governor killed in Afghan security operation

Afghan forces avail air support in uninhibited areas: Katz

Prominent anti-Taliban police chief killed in western Afghanistan

Troops Casualties Will Not Affect Campaign in Afghanistan: ISAF

40 Percent of Insurgency In 10 Afghan Districts: ISAF

ISAF: No More Data On Taliban Attacks

Watchdog Says Afghan Government Must Act To Protect Media Gains

Afghan MOD Asks ISAF to Halt Military Base Demolitions

Karzai to ISAF: turn over armed groups

ISAF: Oops, Afghan violence didn't decrease in 2012

Taliban group use civilians as human shields: ISAF

ISAF willing to help provide election security

US begins downsizing the Afghan National Security Forces

Body of missing Georgian soldier found in southern Afghanistan

ISAF analysis shows Afghan violence remains worse than before surge

During a speech last week, Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta said that ISAF's analysis of the Afghan insurgency shows that the level of violence has decreased in 2011 and 2012. That is true when compared to 2010, a peak year for violence. But the level of violence remains worse than prior to the surge.

Pakistan, Afghanistan, ISAF agree on border coordination

ISAF data show insurgent attacks, civilian casualties increased in September

Data released by ISAF show that the number of insurgent attacks increased slightly in September 2012, as compared to September 2011. And the number of civilian casualties has increased dramatically.

ISAF data show insurgent attacks down, civilian casualties up

ISAF has released its monthly data trends report for August 2012. ISAF's data show that the number of attacks by insurgents in Afghanistan has decreased slightly this year, by 5 percent when compared to the first eight months of 2011. However, the overall level of violence remains greater than prior to the surge and the number of civilian casualties has increased in recent months.