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Iran's New Defense Minister: Behind the 1983 Attack on the U.S. Marine Corps Barracks in Beirut

Is Hamas Considering A Move to Beirut?

Israel fears next war with Hezbollah will hit civilians harder

FBI seeking information on Burgas terror suspects

Amid the 'deceptive quiet' of the Lebanon border

Syrian rebel 'moles' wage battle from underground tunnels

Nigeria: Kano Arms Cache - 'Lebanese Suspects Knew About Bunker'

'Hezbollah maintains complex network of front companies trading in counterfeit medicine'

Suspect in Burgas bombing flew to Lebanon before blast: report

Is one of the Burgas terror suspects actively using Facebook?

Once a 'King of Romance,' Now an Angry Militant

Al Nusrah Front and Ansar al Khilafah seize town near Aleppo, execute Syrian soldiers

Both groups claimed credit for overrunning the Syrian military and Hezbollah in Khan al Asal, a town where chemical weapons are reported to have been used in the past.

Names of Hezbollah terrorists linked to Burgas attack released

Burgas Hezbollah Suspects - Meliad Farah & Hassan El Hajj Hassan.jpgBulgarian authorities today revealed the names and photos of two Hezbollah operatives believed to have been part of the Burgas terror attack last July. The two men are thought to be living in southern Lebanon.

Burgas bomb reportedly tied to Nazareth and Thailand terror plots

Gulf's Crackdown on Hezbollah May Endanger Lebanon Cash Flow

EU Terrorist Group Designation to Have Little Impact on Hezbollah

EU adds Hezbollah's military wing to terror list

European Union foreign ministers today reached a unanimous decision to designate the military wing of Hezbollah as a terrorist organization. In the past, the terror group has denied that Hezbollah has separate political and military wings.

EU to discuss blacklisting Lebanese militants Hezbollah

Hezbollah releases new video on 2006 abduction of Israeli soldiers

EU ministers ready to blacklist Hezbollah