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Burgas bomb reportedly tied to Nazareth and Thailand terror plots

Gulf's Crackdown on Hezbollah May Endanger Lebanon Cash Flow

EU Terrorist Group Designation to Have Little Impact on Hezbollah

EU adds Hezbollah's military wing to terror list

European Union foreign ministers today reached a unanimous decision to designate the military wing of Hezbollah as a terrorist organization. In the past, the terror group has denied that Hezbollah has separate political and military wings.

EU to discuss blacklisting Lebanese militants Hezbollah

Hezbollah releases new video on 2006 abduction of Israeli soldiers

EU ministers ready to blacklist Hezbollah

Europeans to Decide on Push to Blacklist Hezbollah

1 year after Burgas: What do we know?

Beware of Hez in NY

Vienna agrees to label Hezbollah as terror group

EU's Ashton floats plan to break Hezbollah deadlock

One Year On, Bulgaria Still Hunts for Anti-Israeli Bus Bomber

Bulgaria: Leads in Terror Act Probe Point at Hezbollah

Satellite imagery of Israeli strike in Latakia released

US officials confirm Israeli strike on Yakhont missiles in Syria

Hezbollah fears attacks from al-Qaeda-linked groups

Iranian Assets Unfrozen by Judge for Terror Victims' Kin

'313 Brigade' claims car bombing that targeted Hezbollah in Beirut

The 313 Brigade shares the same name as an al Qaeda military formation that is based in Pakistan.

Austria considers ban of Hezbollah's military wing