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US thinktank reveals Haqqani, Pakistan nexus

Pakistan to launch another Potemkin offensive in North Waziristan

50 US troops must be 'blown to smithereens' for America to take Haqqani Network, Pakistan seriously

Haqqani Network Threatens US-Pakistani Ties

ISAF spurns Pak notifications on border crossings

Pakistan - Editorial : Decision on Haqqani Network

Afghanistan - Attacks on security forces mounting: MoI

Congress presses Haqqani Network terror designation

Pakistan - Non-starter: Panel to oversee peace talks with Taliban dismantled

Pakistan: Let us hit drone targets

Haqqani Network doctors LWJ page for propaganda on FOB Salerno attack

Taliban release video of Haqqani Network suicide assault on FOB Salerno

Haqqani-suicide-bomber-Salerno-06012012.jpgThe video, released on Voice of Jihad, shows the suicide bombing at the outer wall, and Haqqani Network fighters entering the base.

The endgame: Afghan opposition says peace hinges on Pakistan

Allen talks cooperation after 'Salala tragedy

About that NATO supply line deal ...

Is LeT Turning Against Pakistan?

Pakistan apology deal incidental to real problem of its support for terrorists

Gen Allen-Gen Kayani meeting: Washington offers joint offensive against TTP

US Protected by International Law in Attacking Insurgents: Afghan Analyst

Recent Taliban attacks show increased targeting of civilians

Taliban fighters executed a fellow commander in Parwan province following accusations he had an "illicit relationship" with a local woman. In Nangarhar province, suspected insurgents detonated a music CD stall in Jalalabad City.