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Haqqani Militants Act Like Pakistan's Protected Partners

Pakistan Spy Agency's Help Sought for Afghan Talks

Haqqani network may be linked to Kabul suicide attack: officials

Afghan insurgency: A lethal legion

Taliban Hit Shows Grim Skill

Haqqani Network Sends Message With Kabul Attacks

Pakistani wolf to guard Afghan henhouse

Suicide bomber kills 17 in Kabul, including 5 ISAF troops

A suicide bomber flipped an up-armored Rhino in the capital; the Taliban claimed credit for the attack. Three Australian soldiers were killed in Kandahar, and a female suicide bomber attacked Afghan intelligence officials in Kunar.

'Safe havens in Pakistan remain the insurgency's greatest enabler': DoD report

2 senior al Qaeda leaders killed in recent drone strikes in Pakistan

Abu Miqdad al Masri and Abd al Rahman al Yemeni both were involved in al Qaeda's external operations. Al Masri was also a member of al Qaeda's Shura Majlis.

Clinton wants Mulla Omar in peace talks

Afghanistan: Pakistan accused of backing Taliban

ISI maintains ties with, supports Haqqani network: US senator

Militants Grab Headlines -- Again -- As Clinton Visits Pakistan

US warms to idea of Pakistan talks with militants

US to complete pullout from Iraq by end of year

Pakistan must act to remove Haqqani safe havens: Clinton

Pakistan warns US over unilateral military action

Haqqani network boosts infiltration, says official

US forces 'massing on Afghanistan-Pakistan border'