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Pakistan, US assume less cooperation in future

Year In Review: War On Terror Shifts To Pakistan

US troop deaths in Afghanistan war fell in 2011

Pakistan death squads go after informants to US drone program

Two New Afghan Provinces to Be Handed Over to Afghan Forces

Al-Qaida leadership almost wiped out in Pakistan, British officials believe

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Jund al Khilafah calls for overthrow of Kazakh president

Exclusive: Secret US, Taliban talks reach turning point

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'ISI chief Pasha visited Arab countries to discuss military coup in Pakistan'

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US lawmakers freeze $700 mln to Pakistan

Mohmand raid repeat can't be ruled out: Gen. Allen

Lashkar-e-Jhangvi al Almi claims Kabul suicide attack

Pakistan - ISI always keeps its hand in politics: Ijaz

US ready for eviction of drones in Pakistan

NATO plans push in eastern Afghanistan to quell Pakistan-based insurgents

Death squads and underresourced COIN in Khost

Haqqani Militants Use Death Squads in Afghanistan