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The Gitmo Files: Recidivist who targets charity workers deemed 'high risk'

Abdul-Hafiz.jpgAbdul Hafiz, a former Guantanamo detainee who quickly rejoined the Taliban after being transferred, had been deemed a "high risk" by US officials less than two years earlier. His insurgency group had been trained by Pakistani military officers to attack Westerners in Afghanistan and had killed an ICRC worker.

ISI officers took bribes to release Taliban fighters, say Gitmo detainees

Hundreds of terrorists waiting to cross over to India

Pakistan pushed for release of alleged bin Laden associate from Guantanamo

Why the US mistrusts Pakistan's spy agency

Drug trafficking, kidnapping fund al Qaeda

WikiLeaks: Bin Laden's courier 'trained 9/11 hijack team'

Detective work on courier led to breakthrough on bin Laden

WikiLeaks: Guantanamo files database released

Yemen remains al Qaeda's ultimate breeding ground

Pentagon lists mosques where al-Qaida recruited, reveals WikiLeaks

How al-Qaida planned to bomb Heathrow

Yemeni government official doubled as al Qaeda operative, leaked assessment shows

Abdul-al-Salam-al-Hilal.jpgAccording to a leaked Gitmo intelligence assessment, Abd al Salam al Hilah was both a member of Yemen's Political Security Organization and al Qaeda. He "probably" had foreknowledge of the Sept. 11 attacks, analysts concluded.

Dossier shows push for more terror attacks after 9/11

Gitmo docs link Pakistani, Iranian, and Yemeni intelligence agencies to al Qaeda

The Matrix of Threat Indicators for Enemy Combatants document, one of hundreds released by WikiLeaks, described the intelligence agencies of Pakistan, Iran, and Yemen as "associated forces" that support al Qaeda.

Judging detainees' risk, often with flawed evidence

WikiLeaks: Guantanamo Bay terrorist secrets revealed

Guantanamo documents name Pakistan ISI as al Qaeda associate

From the new Gitmo files: Al Qaeda and anthrax

WikiLeaks discloses new details on whereabouts of al-Qaeda leaders on 9/11