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War-weary lawmakers send Obama a message

US Attorney General supports update of the Authorization of Military Force

The Taliban after bin Laden

The Gitmo Files: Al Qaeda's emir of Zahedan, Iran commits suicide

Analysis: Al Qaeda's interim emir and Iran

saif-al-adel.jpgAl Qaeda's interim emir is reportedly Saif al Adel, a longtime member of al Qaeda and the Egyptian Islamic Jihad. Al Adel has a decades-long relationship with Iran and was protected by the Iranians after 9/11.

The Gitmo Files: An agent of Iran

Hamdullah.pngA leaked threat assessment prepared at Guantanamo describes one current detainee and his father as "Iranian agents." The detainee, Haji Hamidullah, allegedly "murdered 71 people." The leaked file connects several others to Iran, including two members of Hamid Karzai's government.

US speeds up direct talks with Taliban

Amnesty International is keeping dubious company

The Gitmo Files: 2 of Afghanistan's most wanted hid leadership roles while in US custody

Two of the Taliban's most senior commanders successfully hid their leadership roles from interrogators and analysts at Guantanamo. Both were subsequently transferred to the custody of the Afghan government but were freed and rejoined the Taliban.

Why was key source on bin Laden's courier freed?

Key bin Laden intel came from detainee later released

WikiLeaks papers reveal Guantanamo detainees' talk of post-9/11 plots

Guantanamo Bay detainees' family members may be allowed to visit

The Gitmo Files: (Shocker!) Mullah Omar meets with Pakistan's ISI

The Gitmo Files: Recidivist who targets charity workers deemed 'high risk'

Abdul-Hafiz.jpgAbdul Hafiz, a former Guantanamo detainee who quickly rejoined the Taliban after being transferred, had been deemed a "high risk" by US officials less than two years earlier. His insurgency group had been trained by Pakistani military officers to attack Westerners in Afghanistan and had killed an ICRC worker.

ISI officers took bribes to release Taliban fighters, say Gitmo detainees

Hundreds of terrorists waiting to cross over to India

Pakistan pushed for release of alleged bin Laden associate from Guantanamo

Why the US mistrusts Pakistan's spy agency

Drug trafficking, kidnapping fund al Qaeda