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Islamic State Militant Seeks Chechen Wife For 15-Year-Old Child Fighter

Investigations into jihadi returners pushing German courts to their limits

Germany Reportedly Concerned About Radicalization Of Chechen Diaspora

The Jihad Cult: Why Young Germans Are Answering Call to 'Holy War'

'Make thicker walls': Terrorism fears high as drones survey French nuclear reactors

Nations Ponder How to Handle European Fighters Returning From Jihad

Iran Nuclear Talks Extended Until July

Europe, facing multiple threats, still isn't spending on defense

Bonn: former capital now a hive of Salafist activity

Dane in Lebanon arrested for being alleged IS fighter

European women convert, join IS

Indictment on Terrorism Charge Traces Man's Arc From Germany to Syria and Back

Islamic State Attracts Kurds from Germany to Join Jihad

Islamic State attracts Kurds from Germany to join jihad

20,000 Kurds protest against ISIS in Germany

Who are the members of the coalition against ISIS?

Germany plans expanded engagement against Islamic State in Iraq

Europe Tries to Stop Flow of Citizens Joining Jihad

Islamists in Philippines threaten to kill German hostages

CIA halts spying in Europe