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A Question of Morality: Germany's Afghan Staff Fear Reprisals

A mysterious Iranian-run factory in Germany

European security officials are looking into the possibility that an Iranian-run factory in Dinslaken may have been supplying equipment and materials for Iran's nuclear weapons program. Germany sent a plane to Syria to bring back over 30 Syrians wounded in the Syrian conflict to Germany for treatment.

German IMU fighter killed in drone strike last fall

Ahmed-IMU-droned.jpgWanted Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan spokesman Yassin Chouka announced the death of Ahmed, who was described as "the King of Setterich." Ahmed was killed in the Oct. 10, 2012 strike in Mir Ali, North Waziristan.

Islam Europe's reality: Turkey's EU minister

Karzai Softens on Taliban Ahead of Doha Office Opening

The Foreign and Interior ministers have indicated that they would support a European Union ban on the Lebanese terror group Hezbollah if its role in the 2012 suicide attack in Burgas, Bulgaria is confirmed. France remains opposed to such a ban.

Bulgaria Bus Attack: Berlin Wants Hezbollah On EU Terrorist Group List

Ramadan Relief: Islam Leader Calls for Muslim Holidays in Germany

Malian Coup Leader Sanogo: 'I Saved the Country'

The Path to Radicalization: Following a German Salafist to Egypt

Three suspects arrested yesterday for plotting to murder the leader of a far-right political party hold German passports and the fourth suspect is an Albanian. Raids yesterday on some 20 apartments belonging to Salafists did not result in any arrests, but laptops, cash, propaganda material, and phones were confiscated. One of the Salafist groups banned yesterday is suspected of helping to fund Islamist groups in Syria.

Authorities banned three radical Islamist groups -- DawaFFM, Islamic Audios, and al-Nussrah -- and raided 21 apartments and a meeting room. The three groups all encourage fighting against those who do not follow the Salafist version of Islam. The German Salafist movement has grown from some 3,800 In 2011 to about 4,500, of whom 30% are non-Germans and 25% are Muslim converts. Four Salafists were arrested last night for planning the murder of a far-right political party leader.

France, Germany at odds over lifting Syrian arms embargo

A German-language jihadist propaganda video has surfaced, featuring a Syrian Islamist fighter named Hajan M. who urges Germans to come fight with rebels in Syria. Authorities say the number of Salafists in North Rhine-Westphalia has doubled within a year to 1,000 men, including about 100 who are trained jihadists. The Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA) estimates that 900 people with "Islamist-terrorist potential" are in Germany, including 250 who have completed paramilitary training abroad.

Few Illusions as Afghan Exit Nears

Best man Afghan Taliban may replace top negotiator

Western Aid: EU May Provide Training to Syrian Rebels

European Obstruction: NATO Reforms Moving at 'Snail's Pace'

Test for NATO: US Plans Mini-Force in Post-2014 Afghanistan