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Best man Afghan Taliban may replace top negotiator

Western Aid: EU May Provide Training to Syrian Rebels

European Obstruction: NATO Reforms Moving at 'Snail's Pace'

Test for NATO: US Plans Mini-Force in Post-2014 Afghanistan

The government approved the deployment of some 330 troops to Mali; up to 180 of them will participate in the European Union training mission. Two Iranian men were charged in Frankfurt state court with smuggling dozens of German-made motors to Iran for its Ababil III drone, which is used for both surveillance and attacks.

Divided Nomads Cloud Mali Mission

Code Name 'Murat': What Germany Knew About Ankara Bomber

Giving up: Der Spiegel is pulling out its only correspondent from Pakistan

Suicide Attack: German Prosecutors Were Probing Ankara Bomber

Report: German check bust man is ex-Iran bank head

German intelligence confirmed that Abu Azzam, a German believed to be a radical Salafist who moved to Egypt last year, posted a video threatening to kill Chancellor Merkel and blow up the Reichstag. The jihadist's threats were made in the name of Osama bin Laden and also included a threat to US President Obama.

As NATO Prepares for Afghan Withdrawal, Uzbekistan Seeks War's Leftovers

Drone Strike Lawsuit Raises Concerns on Intelligence Sharing

'Darker Sides': The Vast Islamist Sanctuary of 'Sahelistan'

Pakistan still global jihad hub

The government is planning to deploy armed drones in foreign conflicts. So far, Germany has used only unarmed drones in conflict areas such as Afghanistan. Armed drones would give Germany the ability to "confront opposing forces with a permanent and unpredictable threat that would limit their ability to act."

Germany Abroad: 'Mealy-Mouthed' Foreign Policy Angers Allies

Ivory Coast Leader: 'Germany Should Also Send Troops to Mali'

'Lion of the Desert': Ex-Partner of Germany Leads Malian Islamists

French Mission in Mali Puts Germany in a Tight Spot