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German report: Berlin a hub of Hezbollah activity

German Defense Ministry Continued Drone Program Despite Problems

How Timbuktu's manuscripts were saved from jihadists

Rebel Leaders in Syria Ask for Weapons from the West

Although the head of Germany's federal police, the BKA, had warned of a possible bombing by several Islamist terrorists against the 2013 soccer championship final in Berlin on May 25, the event went off smoothly. Increased security measures had been implemented in Berlin at the event and at other locations across the country.

NATO Member Countries To Keep Soldiers Post 2014

In about-face, Germany backs blacklisting Hezbollah

Berlin Sees Chemical Weapons As Trigger for Intervention in Syria

EU to block arming of Syrian rebels

Tensions Rise Between Kabul and Berlin Ahead of Withdrawal

A Somali man was arrested at a refugee center in Giessen and is accused of acting as a bookkeeper for pirates who hijacked the tanker Marida Marguerite in May 2010 and held the crew for six months until a multimillion-dollar ransom was paid. Last year another Somali involved in the Marida Margerite hijacking, Mohammad Saaili Shibin, was sentenced by a US court to life in prison for hijacking a yacht and killing the four Americans on board in 2009.

Young German Jihadists Fight on Side of Rebels in Syrian War

The Interior Minister said the government is aware that known jihadists have traveled to Syria to fight with the rebels, and that there have been calls for European fighters to return home for jihad; he said Germany is following the development with "great concern." German officials believe that German jihadists, including Reda Seyam, are assisting with fundraising for Islamist fighters in Syria.

Afghan Diplomats Do Not Return, Seek Asylum: Experts

Germany announced a plan to keep as many as 800 military trainers in Afghanistan after the NATO withdrawal in 2014. The plan calls for reducing the number of German soldiers in the country to about 300 by 2017.

A Question of Morality: Germany's Afghan Staff Fear Reprisals

A mysterious Iranian-run factory in Germany

European security officials are looking into the possibility that an Iranian-run factory in Dinslaken may have been supplying equipment and materials for Iran's nuclear weapons program. Germany sent a plane to Syria to bring back over 30 Syrians wounded in the Syrian conflict to Germany for treatment.

German IMU fighter killed in drone strike last fall

Ahmed-IMU-droned.jpgWanted Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan spokesman Yassin Chouka announced the death of Ahmed, who was described as "the King of Setterich." Ahmed was killed in the Oct. 10, 2012 strike in Mir Ali, North Waziristan.

Islam Europe's reality: Turkey's EU minister