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2 Americans honored for catching terrorist suspect

There's more to peace than Taliban

Europe Weighs Implications of Shrinking US Troop Presence

Hiding in Iran, Raising Suspicions in Europe

Talking to the Enemy: How German Diplomats Opened Channel to Taliban

Omid H., a 22-year-old Afghan, was charged with recruiting for al Qaeda and the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan by posting "radical Islamic" messages and videos on a jihadist website. He was arrested near the central German city of Kassel in July 2011.

Terror on Trial | William Shawcross on Legal Proceedings Against Extremists

Al-Qaida leadership almost wiped out in Pakistan, British officials believe

Exclusive: Afghanistan sets ground rules for Taliban talks

US deal with Taliban breaks down

Exclusive: Secret US, Taliban talks reach turning point

War should stop before peace talks: Afghan leaders

A verdict is expected in January in the case of Arid Ukah, an Albanian from Kosovo who killed two US soldiers in Frankfurt. Authorities say he was radicalized via Islamist material on the Internet. He admitted the shootings and faces a possible life sentence.

Halil S., a 24-year-old German man, was arrested in Bochum on suspicion of providing financial and logistical support to al Qaeda's "Dusseldorf Cell," which planned bombings in Europe. Police also conducted raids in the apartments of five other suspects, 11 other homes, and two shops; an additional man, Florian M., was arrested in Kiel for criminal links with Halil S.

Power Plays in Afghanistan: Laying the Groundwork for Civil War

Taliban could return, Karzai warns Bonn conference

Afghanistan's allies pledge to stay for long haul

Hamid Karzai 'to hold on to power in Afghanistan after 2014'

Preparing for Withdrawal: German Military Fears Civil War in Afghanistan

After NATO strike, Pakistan adjusts rules of engagement