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Paris supports labeling Hezbollah over Assad ties

EU to block arming of Syrian rebels

Gilles Le Guen, a jihadist and former French Marine believed to have joined al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb, was flown to Paris and handed over to French intelligence for questioning. He was captured by French forces in Timbuktu, Mali, earlier this year.

In Timbuktu, conflict shatters a city's soul

Convicted Algerian terrorist Said Arif escaped from house arrest in a car belonging to the family who owned the hotel at which he was staying. The al Qaeda-linked member of the "Chechen Network" planned attacks in France, Spain, and elsewhere.

French ministers boycott talks with Muslim scholar

Foreign Minister Fabius urged the UN to designate the Al Nusrah Front a terrorist group. Al Nusrah, al Qaeda's affiliate in Syria, was added to the US terrorist list in December. France still seeks a diplomatic solution to the Syrian conflict, and wants to increase support for the Syrian National Coalition.

Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb released a video calling for Muslims to attack "French interests everywhere" to retaliate for the French intervention in Mali. French authorities are concerned about radicalization of Muslim youth in French prisons, where there is a shortage of imams. France reportedly arrested 91 people in 2012 for "religiously-inspired terrorism."

Taliban 'Slim-Fast diet' allows French hostage to escape

The defense minister said 1,000 French troops would remain in Mali after UN forces arrive; Parliament voted to prolong military operations in Mali. A young man shot and killed three people with a Kalashnikov rifle in the southern town of Istres. Authorities arrested him in Istres and a second suspect in Paris. The shooter reportedly claimed to belong to al Qaeda and believed al Qaeda-linked Toulouse killer Mohamed Merah was innocent; police are looking into the possibility the shooter may be mentally ill.

Hundreds of Europeans fighting in Syria, says EU expert

Mali: Who controls Kidal?

Britain, France claim Syria used chemical weapons

Chad to withdraw combat forces from Mali

World backs Mali unity

The Foreign Ministry said talks at the UN had begun on the issue of whether to label the Al Nusrah Front in Syria a terrorist group. France has indicated it will oppose any attempt to label all Syrian opposition fighters as terrorists.

Move to Widen Help for Syrian Rebels Gains Speed in West

French mother acquitted in son's 'Jihad' T-shirt trial

Ibrahim Aziz Ouattara, a French jihadist who was arrested and deported from Mali, was charged in Paris on April 5. He had traveled to Mali using the identity of Khalifa Dramé, who is also being sought by the authorities. A Frenchman who traveled with two other Frenchmen and al Qaeda operative Naamen Meziche to Pakistan is being held by authorities and has not yet been charged.

Timbuktu fears French troops withdrawal from Mali