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A French court ordered that Mehdi Nemmouche, a French-Algerian man accused of killing four people in an attack at a Jewish museum in Brussels, be extradited to Belgium. Nemmouche, a jihadist who spent a year fighting in Syria before the attack, is seeking to have the extradition order quashed. Authorities are investigating the disappearance of a Parisian schoolgirl who reportedly had been encouraged to travel to Syria by a female jihadist online. The number of French citizens going to Syria to fight has increased 75% in the past six months.

Africa facing terrorism "storm"--Senegalese president

French Islamists with ISIS in the perfect terrain for jihad

French authorities have deported Ahmed B., a Tunisian Salafist who had lived in France for several years, following his arrest earlier this month in Grenoble on suspicion of recruiting jihadists who were trained in Tunisia and then sent to Syria to fight. The first deportation of a jihadist recruiter under new French legislation was that of an Algerian, Sala Bouhabila, on May 1. Foreign Minister Valls recently estimated that over 800 French nationals have gone to Syria to fight.

In Europe, no plans for military involvement in Iraq

Hollande: 30 French nationals killed in Syria

ISIS touts French, German, and Libyan suicide bombers in Syria

The Islamic State of Iraq and the Sham continues to highlight the deaths of foreign jihadists in both Iraq and Syria.

Analysis: Blowback from the Syrian jihad has begun

In well over a dozen countries, evidence has emerged that jihadists who trained or fought in Syria are engaging in terrorist activities in their home countries and elsewhere.

France - Parallel lives: the Brussels suspect and the Toulouse shooter

The Foreign Ministry announced the arrest today of four people in Paris and southern France who are part of a jihadist recruiting network that sends fighters to Syria. On May 30, French authorities in Marseille arrested Mehdi Nemmouche, a suspect in the killing of three people at a Jewish museum in Brussels on May 24, who allegedly trained in Syria with terrorist groups. Authorities did not indicate whether today's arrests are related to the arrest of Nemmouche.

ISIS again touts French and other foreign suicide bombers

Terrorists exploit social networks in North Africa

Tensions spike in northern Mali

US 'only' country helping to find Nigerian schoolgirls, claims John Kerry

Hollande issues warning on chemical strikes

Central African Republic's Seleka rebels reorganize

ISIS names Danish, French suicide bombers killed in 'Ninewa Division'

A Frenchman and a Dane were among six foreign suicide bombers who conducted attacks in the Islamic State of Iraq's northernmost administrative unit in Iraq.

Hezbollah cutting costs as Iranian aid dries up

Belgium, Allies Try to Halt Flow of Young Islamist Fighters to Syria

Foreign Minister Le Drian announced that France will deploy 3,000 soldiers to the Sahel, while maintaining 1,000 in Mali, to combat Islamist militants. The additional troops will be based in Niamey, Niger's capital, where French drones are based; in Burkina Faso; and in Chad; the logistics hub will be in Ivory Coast. He said the Sahel was key to both African and French security and vowed that France would stay with the mission "as long as it takes." Le Drian also announced the death of another French soldier in Mali, who was killed by an IED. Since the launch of an "anti-jihad" hotline and website on April 29, authorities have received 24 "relevant" reports ; five involved individuals who already left France to fight in Syria.