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Defense Minister Le Drian said France plans to expand its military presence in Africa, with the permanent deployment of 3,000 troops to bases in Niger, Mali and Chad, and to a logistics base in Ivory Coast and a special forces base in Burkina Faso. He said the work of cracking down on extremists in Libya will be a "long-term" project.

German Military Faces a Difficult Year in Africa and Afghanistan

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France to bolster military presence in Africa

Desert gives al Qaeda refuge after Mali defeat

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The Toulouse prosecutor said two 15-year-old French boys have left France for jihad in Syria. President Hollande said some 700 French nationals and residents have traveled to Syria for jihad, and Interior Minister Valls said 20 of them have died there.

Flow of Westerners to Syria Prompts Security Concerns

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How US and France are battling al Qaeda in Africa

On patrol with the French army in the CAR

Why France is sending more troops to Central African Republic

President Hollande said the French contingent of 650 troops in Central African Republic will be doubled within days, but that the intervention would differ from the Malian one, as in CAR, France will serve as a "gendarme." Foreign Minister Fabius said the CAR operation was to help stem mounting sectarian violence, and Defense Minister Le Drian said it could wind down in six months.

French jail probes prisoners' 'Harlem Shake' video