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Al-Qaida Leader Urges Muslims to Unite in Struggle

Foreign Minister Fabius proposed that France would keep 1,000 troops in Mali as a counterterrorism force to support UN peacekeeping operations. He also called on the Tuareg MNLA to disarm and join the political process. France hopes the UN peacekeeping force can be approved in the next few weeks.

French trip to Iraq to investigate British deaths 'too dangerous'

What the Iraq war taught me about Syria

Islam Europe's reality: Turkey's EU minister

Karzai Softens on Taliban Ahead of Doha Office Opening

France ready to blacklist armed wing of Hezbollah

French authorities released three people, including a soldier, who were arrested earlier this week for suspected links to Toulouse shooter Mohamed Merah. So far only his brother Abdelkader has been charged as an accomplice.

Malian Coup Leader Sanogo: 'I Saved the Country'

Police arrested three people in southern France suspected of ties to al Qaeda-linked gunman Mohamed Merah. One of the suspects is a soldier in the French army, and another comes from Merah's old neighborhood in Toulouse. Authorities are concerned that accomplices of Merah remain at large and present a security threat. Police arrested a suspected terrorist in Lyon.

AQIM names new field leader

Central African Republic: Djotodia to rule by decree, suspends constitution

French fight in Mali's hostile desert

France sends troops to Central African Republic to stem rebel insurgency

France confirms death of senior AQIM commander Abou Zeid

President Hollande said that the senior al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb commander was killed "during combat led by the French military in the Ifoghas Mountains in northern Mali at the end of February."

President Hollande confirmed that Abdelhamid Abou Zeid, a senior leader of al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb, was killed "during combat led by the French military in the Ifoghas Mountains in northern Mali at the end of February." France appointed a new ambassador to Mali to replace Christian Rouyer, a strong advocate for the French military intervention, who had disagreed with Foreign Minister Fabius.

Mali's stability still at stake a year after coup

Drone base in Niger gives US a strategic foothold in West Africa

France using 'all possible means' to rescue Cameroon hostages

A top French counterterrorism judge warned that some 50 to 80 French citizens are believed to have traveled to Syria for jihad, a number much higher than previously acknowledged. The jihadists' travel is not impeded by French authorities, he said, as the French government supports the Syrian rebel side, and they can enter Turkey without visas and easily cross over into Syria.