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Jabhat al-Nusra, Ghassan Hitto Divide Syrian Opposition

How US and France are battling al Qaeda in Africa

On patrol with the French army in the CAR

Why France is sending more troops to Central African Republic

President Hollande said the French contingent of 650 troops in Central African Republic will be doubled within days, but that the intervention would differ from the Malian one, as in CAR, France will serve as a "gendarme." Foreign Minister Fabius said the CAR operation was to help stem mounting sectarian violence, and Defense Minister Le Drian said it could wind down in six months.

French jail probes prisoners' 'Harlem Shake' video

The Central African Republic descending into 'complete chaos

To support an African peacekeeping force, France will triple the amount of soldiers it has in CAR to over 1,000 for six months. France's ambassador to the UN predicted that the intervention will probably be easier than the one in Mali. France also has a military presence in Mali, Côte d'Ivoire, Chad, and Gabon.

A former member of France's DGSE spy agency dismissed the claim made by a British anti-racism group in a recent report that French intelligence considered killing hate preacher Abu Hamza in England in the late 1990s. Foreign Minister Fabius said France may begin lifting Iran sanctions in December. France may increase increase its troop presence in the Central African Republic.

Mali: RFI Journalists Killed Due to Oil Leak, French Investigator

Intelligence officers arrested four men in the Parisian suburb of Vitry-sur-Seine who are suspected of running a recruiting network for jihadists in Syria. Two of the men had fought with the Al Nusrah Front. Interior Minister Valls said in September that over 100 French people have gone to join the Syrian rebels, but a source now says that about 440 people from France have gone to Syria to fight and about half are currently in Syria. The source also said about 10 were killed in Syria and some 50 to 60 have returned to France.

French Say Kidnapped Priest Was Moved to Nigeria

Boko Haram Expands Reach With Kidnapping of French Priest

Insight: Revival of Islamists in Mali tests French, UN nerve

Iran Balked at Language of Draft Nuclear Deal, Western Diplomats Say

How France Scuttled The Iran Deal at the Last Minute

Iranian nuclear talks end without a deal

Anti-Semitism is on the rise, finds survey of European Jewish people

Kidal, a lawless outpost in Mali's desert north

The Realities of Intelligence: The French View