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Authorities arrested a Tunisian Islamist from a suburb of Paris yesterday and deported him for threatening two journalists. He had allegedly shown willingness to join the al Qaeda-linked Al Nusrah Front in Syria. On June 28, authorities arrested four suspected radical Islamists, including one from Benin, during a raid in Paris, and put them under investigation.

France - Judicial mistake could see hundreds released from prison

President Holland said France has been "informed directly and indirectly of threats concerning our installations overseas and even our nationals, threats coming from al-Qaida." The French embassy in Yemen will close for several days. INTERPOL issued a global security alert noting prison escapes last month in nine countries, including Iraq, Libya, and Pakistan, alleging al Qaeda involvement in several of the jailbreaks. France and Belgium proposed the creation of a passenger name record system for tracking European citizens and preventing them from going to fight in Syria or other countries.

Foreign Minister Fabius called for the release of Egyptian political prisoners, including former president Morsi. A well-known French-Tunisian jihadist, Boubakeur Hakim, is being sought as the number one suspect in the assassinations two leading Tunisian politicians.

Worries Mount as Syria Lures West's Muslims

France's far-right ban targets 'all extremism'

Police and residents in the Parisian suburb of Trappes said recent clashes between youth and police were due to tensions, not the arrest of a man who attacked police for checking the ID of his unlawfully veiled wife. The head of the local police union claimed that although there are a small number of Salafists in Trappes, the underlying cause of the rioting was not religion.

Police attacked as unrest flares in Paris suburbs

French businessman 'to pay all burqa fines'

Six people were arrested after about 250 people clashed with police in the Parisian suburb of Trappes last night. Four policemen were injured and a boy suffered an eye injury from a projectile in the clash, which lasted for several hours. The demonstrators had gathered outside the Trappes police station, throwing stones and destroying property to protest the arrest the night before of a man who had allegedly attacked police for attempting an identity check on his wife, who was wearing a full veil in violation of French law.

French hostage killed in Mali was 'shot in the head'

Two French journalists thought to have been kidnapped in Syria near Aleppo in early June are said to be alive. Defense Minister LeDrian said France is "doing everything possible to ensure that they are freed soon." A group of 29 Greenpeace activists were arrested in southern France after they entered a nuclear facility in Tricastin, demanding that it be shut down.

US seeking direct nuke talks with Iran: report

Drones in Niger Reflect New US Tack on Terrorism

A French radio station has established a support committee to help secure the release of of two French journalists kidnapped in Syria near Aleppo last month. The technical director of the General Directorate of External Security, which collects electronic data from computers and telephones in France as well as the flow of signals between France and countries abroad, has said that "our targets are the networks of the public at large ... because they are used by terrorists." French Muslim leaders disagreed over the date for the beginning of Ramadan.

Diary Of An MKO Rent-A-Crowd Demonstrator

Iran importing missile-grade ore from Germany, France

Who is who in Taliban's Qatar negotiators?

Syria: France's evidence of chemical weapons use increases with 14 samples

Syria: France's evidence of chemical weapons use increases with 14 samples