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Ethiopia jails 3 Brits for 'terrorist' plot: Report

UN Helicopter Shot Down in South Sudan

East African rapid reaction force ready by December: officials

South Sudan rivals Kiir and Machar agree peace deal

UN: Over one million displaced by South Sudan conflict

Foreign regimes use spyware against journalists, even in US

Ethiopian authorities arrested five more suspects accused of plotting the failed Shabaab bomb attack during the country's World Cup qualifying match against Nigeria in October. All of those arrested were Somali nationals.

Thousands of Eritreans 'abducted to Sinai for ransom'

Qatar's influence in Somalia edges out traditional Arab power-house Egypt

Two Somalis were killed in a premature detonation while they were manufacturing a bomb in the capital of Addis Ababa. The men were in the country illegally and were staying at a home in a Somali neighborhood in the capital.

Ethiopia: Govt Frees Detained Rebels on Pardon Grant

Intelligence officials said they foiled a Shabaab plot to kidnap UN aid workers from a refuge camp in Dolo Ado and take them to Somalia to hold them for ransom. Eight suspected Shabaab fighters were detained.

Drone base in Niger gives US a strategic foothold in West Africa

Security forces arrested four members of Shabaab in Moyale near the Somali border who are suspected of plotting to attack and kidnap foreign aid workers from an Ethiopian camp for Somali refugees. In January security forces arrested 15 members of a Shabaab terror cell in Ethiopia.

Sahel states must share intel, African expert warns

The National Security and Intelligence Agency claimed it arrested 15 al Qaeda operatives who were trained by Shabaab to carry out attacks in Ethiopia. Security forces also found weapons, jihadist propaganda, and training manuals during the raid.

A court convicted 10 people, including a Kenyan, for being members of al Qaeda. The men were sentenced to life in prison.

Minnesota trial could expose terror group recruiting

Swedes Schibbye and Persson 'pardoned' by Ethiopia

Prime Minister Meles Zenawi died of an undisclosed illness. Zenawi had ordered the Ethiopian invasion of Somalia in 2006 and supported operations in the country beginning in 2011. Shabaab celebrated his death and accused him of "annexing Somali Muslim territories into Ethiopia."