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The Islamic State's global reach

Ansar Jerusalem kills 11 Egyptian soldiers

Ansar Jerusalem denies death of shady figure, mocks Egyptian officials

Shady Ansar Jerusalem leader reportedly killed in northern Sinai

Ajnad Misr claims latest bombing in Cairo

Militants kill police officers in Cairo and Alexandria

Ajnad Misr claims 3 more attacks in Cairo area

Ajnad Misr releases first video of attacks

Al Nusrah Front fighter reportedly arrested for planning attacks in Egypt

Ansar Jerusalem leader allegedly killed in North Sinai

Bombings at Cairo University leave at least 1 dead

New magazine focuses on 'jihad and resistance work in Egypt'

Ansar Jerusalem warns those building wall around Arish

Egypt says 5 Ansar Jerusalem fighters killed in clashes north of Cairo

Gaza jihadist group praises Ansar Jerusalem fighters, calls for more attacks

Ansar Jerusalem calls on 'spies' to repent in latest video

Key suspect in January Cairo car bombing killed in shootout

Egypt says suspect in Cairo attack fought in Syria and Libya

Sinai gas pipeline struck for 4th time in 2014

New photos of Nasr City cell members published