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Red Cross Says Far More Funds Needed for Syria

Sisi discloses two attempts to assassinate him

Ansar Bayt Maqdis claimed two suicide bombings that killed a soldier and wounded at least eight people on May 2 near Sharm El-Sheikh. Gunmen killed a retired senior army officer in al-Arish.

Islamic Jihad Gains New Traction in Gaza

2 suicide bombers strike in South Sinai

If Ansar Jerusalem takes credit for today's suicide attacks, it would be the group's first claimed attack since bombing a tourist bus in Taba in mid-February. In addition, the two bombings would be the fifth and sixth suicide attacks by the jihadist group since September 2013.

The army said three members of Ansar Jerusalem were killed and three more militants were arrested in operations in North Sinai; officials said two of those arrested were related to an Ansar Jerusalem founder who died last month. A Muslim Brotherhood leader said mass death sentences will pave the way for the downfall of Cairo's current regime.

Egypt's Minya province flashpoint for Muslim-Christian violence

Al Qaeda chief urges Westerner kidnappings

Authorities arrested Yasser Mehrez, the spokesman for the Muslim Brotherhood's political wing, who has been on the run for the past 10 months. Two people were killed in clashes between security forces and supporters of former president Morsi in Fayoum. Police clashed with Muslim Brotherhood supporters in Beni Suef.

In Cairo, one family's story shows rise of radical threat

Overnight airstrikes in North Sinai reportedly killed 7 militants. A senior military officer said the the Sinai Peninsula was under the "complete control" of Egypt's army. Authorities reportedly arrested seven Ansar Jerusalem members in Cairo and Qaliubiya.

Ajnad Misr claims latest bombing in Cairo

Militants kill police officers in Cairo and Alexandria

A bomb placed under a car in Cairo killed a senior police officer. Near Alexandria, a shootout between security personnel and wanted militants left one police officer dead as well as a militant. Three members of Ansar Jerusalem were allegedly killed during clashes with security personnel yesterday in North Sinai. A probe into the February tourist bus bombing concluded that Ansar Jerusalem was responsible.

Gunmen opened fire overnight on a bus transporting soldiers in North Sinai. Gunmen also opened fire on security personnel in Nasr City; no injuries were reported. Defense Minister Sobhi praised the country's security forces for their efforts. The Interior Minister recently said that Ajnad Misr is an offshoot of Ansar Jerusalem and was formed by a Muslim Brotherhood leader.

The Saudi-Brotherhood divide

Zawahiri discusses infighting in Syria, opposition to Egyptian goverment

In a newly released audio message, al Qaeda emir Ayman al Zawahiri says his group has not been defeated by American airstrikes. He also addresses the jihadist infighting in Syria, as well as his opposition to the Egyptian government.

Two policemen were killed by gunmen near Cairo. Security sources alleged that al Qaeda's Ayman al Zawahiri has been communicating with Muslim Brotherhood leaders to arrange the transfer of arms to jihadists in Egypt. Authorities arrested 18 Muslim Brotherhood members and jihadists on suspicion of inciting and planning attacks.

Ajnad Misr took responsibility for three recent bombing attacks in the Cairo area. Al Qaeda emir Ayman al Zawahiri said that the Egyptian army should be fought. The army said 11 wanted militants were arrested in operations in North Sinai. A Muslim Brotherhood leader was sentenced to one year in prison for insulting the judiciary.

Ajnad Misr claims 3 more attacks in Cairo area