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Five students tied to the Muslim Brotherhood were transferred to a military court for trial on rioting charges; Egypt's expansion of the reach of military courts is seen to have broad implications for political dissent, terrorism, and civil liberties. Egypt's foreign ministry issued a statement condemning the execution of American Peter Kassig by the Islamic State; the ministry also welcomed the UAE's inclusion of the Muslim Brotherhood on the Gulf state's newly issued list of terrorist organizations.

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Sinai-based jihadist group rebranded as Islamic State's official arm

A new video has been posted online by jihadists claiming to be the Islamic State's official arm in the Sinai. The Sinai jihadists were formerly part of Ansar Bayt al Maqdis, but are now marketing themselves as the Islamic State's representatives.

Jihadists killed five off-duty soldiers and policemen after setting up ad hoc checkpoints in the Sinai. Five sailors were injured and eight remain missing after an Egyptian naval vessel was attacked in the Mediterranean by an unidentified group on Nov 12.

A car bomb exploded outside of a restaurant on the Sinai on Nov. 11, wounding 10 people. An Egyptian court sentenced 25 individuals to 25 years, three people to 10 years, and seven more to three years over support of the Muslim Brotherhood.

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The Egyptian military announced the arrest of 14 suspected terrorists and the "destruction of 30 'terrorist hideouts'" in the Sinai. Egypt has relieved over 200 school teachers and transferred them to "administrative posts in the ministry," and it has banned Libyan schools in Egypt due to links to the Muslim Brotherhood. The interior ministry has said it will curb protests by the Salafist Front; Egyptian Islamists have refused to label the Islamic State a terrorist group.

Authorities arrested a leader of the Salafist Front on charges of inciting terrorism; also arrested was a man suspected of posting threats against US and international schools in Egypt to a jihadist web site. An Islamic State leader called on the group's followers to take jihad to Egypt in the wake of Ansar Bayt al-Maqdis, Egypt's most significant jihadist group, pledging allegiance to the Islamic State.

Sinai-based jihadists pledge allegiance to Islamic State in audio recording

An unidentified jihadist has released an audio recording saying that Ansar Bayt al Maqdis, the most prolific terrorist group in Egypt, has pledged allegiance to Abu Bakr al Baghdad's Islamic State.

Four people were killed, including two policemen, and nine others were injured in a bomb attack by suspected jihadists on a train near Cairo. A bomb blast near the presidential palace wounded one person. Israel granted an Egyptian request to deploy two additional infantry battalions and attack helicopters to combat Islamist militants in the demilitarized Sinai. A formerly prominent Egyptian rights activist is reported to have died fighting for the Islamic State in Iraq earlier this year.

Ansar Bayt al Maqdis, a Sinai-based jihadist group, has sworn allegiance to the Islamic State. Egypt is investigating 600 citizens who traveled to Iraq and Syria for connections to the Islamic State. Egyptian officials are discussing an agreement with Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and the UAE to combat regional jihadist groups.

A bomb exploded near Egyptian troops razing houses to create a buffer zone with Gaza, causing no casualties. Egyptian security officials claimed to have evidence of communication between the Sinai-based Ansar Bayt al-Maqdis and the Islamic State. Thirty-four individuals accused of terrorism were referred to a military court on Saturday; 56 judges were suspended on Sunday for signing a statement supporting ousted president Morsi; also on Sunday, the religious endowment ministry announced it would fire any imam or mosque employee in Sinai who has knowledge of tunnels or weapons or "spread[s] radical thought."

The Egyptian Army began demolishing homes to create a buffer zone against militants in the Sinai; the Army is also preparing for an operation to target "Sinai extremists." The Egyptian government banned a pro-Morsi political group. The US embassy has warned Americans in Egypt of potential attacks by al Qaeda-affiliated groups after a recent threat posted on a jihadist web site.

Egypt has placed civilian infrastructure under the jurisdiction of the military in the wake of the Oct. 24 terrorist attack in the Sinai that killed 33 Egyptian security personnel. The army has intensified operations in the Sinai, killing four "suspected terrorists," capturing 10, and deploying Apache attack helicopters to destroy 33 "terrorist hideouts," according to Egyptian state media. The army ordered residents out of homes to create a 500-meter buffer zone to combat tunnels from Gaza. A senior Hamas leader denied Gazan involvement in the recent Sinai attack and said that "Hamas is ready to cooperate with Egypt regarding this issue."

The Egyptian military conducted airstrikes on suspected terrorists in north Sinai, killing six, wounding 11, and destroying "ammunition storehouses and several vehicles." The operation was conducted in response to attacks that killed 33 Egyptian soldiers on Oct. 24. A senior Egyptian official has blamed the violence on Palestinian militants, and the country's foreign minister is requesting "additional security support" from the international community.

An attack on an Egyptian Army post on the Sinai Peninsula has killed 25 and wounded 20. Multiple reports assert that it was the result of a suicide bombing, though one "top official" claimed that the location was hit with "a mortar round and rocket-propelled grenades," causing a secondary explosion. Meanwhile, "at least four" masked men tossed molotov cocktails at two cars belonging to the Saudi consulate in Suez. Egyptian police have blamed the Muslim Brotherhood for the attack.

The militant group Ajnad Misr, or Soldiers of Egypt, has claimed responsibility for the bombing at Cairo University on Oct. 22. Six police officers and five civilians were wounded in the attack.

Jihadists killed six Egyptian security personnel in an IED attack in Al Arish in the Sinai Peninsula. The attack took place in the same area where two policemen were killed in an ambush with RPGs three days ago.

The military claimed it killed Shehata Farhan, a senior leader in Ansar Bayt al Maqdis, or Ansar Jerusalem, during a raid in Rafah. The military also claimed it killed Mohamed Abu Shatiya, an Ansar Jerusalem military commander, also in Rafah last week.

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