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Witness Accounts of Sectarian Attacks Across Egypt

Numerous clashes were reported between security forces and supporters of former president Mohammed Morsi. At least 60 people are said to have been killed in the latest clashes. Seventeen people have reportedly been killed in attacks in the Sinai in recent days. Rights groups claimed that over 25 Coptic Christian churches were torched, and homes, schools, and shops were attacked, in 10 provinces this week. Egyptian officials expressed concern over recent comments from Salafi jihadists in Gaza calling for 'jihad' against the Egyptian army.

Obama's decision to cancel US-Egypt military exercise presents risks

Egypt's Coptic Christians report fresh attacks on churches

Gaza jihadists call for 'jihad' against Egypt's el Sisi

The leader of a Gaza-based Salafi jihadist group has called on Egyptians to wage 'jihad' against Egypt's el Sisi, one day after the Egyptian government's forcible breakup of two Muslim Brotherhood sit-ins led to the deaths of at least 525 people.

The Health Ministry announced that the death toll from yesterday's clashes is now 525 people. Authorities closed the Rafah crossing with Gaza indefinitely. A Muslim Brotherhood official said the group suffered a blow in yesterday's crackdown. Brotherhood supporters torched a government building in Giza and called for continued protests. Four soldiers were reportedly killed in another attack in the Sinai.

World leaders condemn Egypt violence; Islamists back showdown

Jihadists respond to violence in Egypt

An attempted crackdown on supporters of former president Mohammed Morsi has led to massive unrest and the death of at least 95 people. A British cameraman was shot and killed during the raid. The Muslim Brotherhood vowed to continue sit-ins as the presidency announced a one-month national state of emergency. Morsi supporters reportedly torched three churches. At least four soldiers were injured in rocket attacks by Salafi jihadists in the Sinai. Egyptian VP Mohamed ElBaradei resigned in response to the crackdown on Morsi supporters.

Eilat in sights: Jihadists in Sinai

Israelis, Egyptians Cooperate on Terror

Supporters of former president Mohammed Morsi called for protests to condemn Morsi's ouster as well as Zionism. Supports and opponents of Morsi reportedly clashed in the streets of Cairo. The MSC in Jerusalem claimed responsibility for overnight rocket fire on the southern Israeli city of Eilat. A Sinai-based jihadist group accused the army of lying about recent operations in the Sinai. Jihadists reportedly fired a couple rockets towards security installations in el Arish.

Sinai jihadist group accuses Egyptian army of lying about operations

MSC in Jerusalem claims rocket attack on Eilat

The MSC in Jerusalem has taken responsibility for a rocket attack on Eilat just days after four members of the Salafi jihadist group Ansar Jerusalem were killed in the Sinai.

Video and photos from the funeral of 4 Ansar Jerusalem members

Israel and Egypt showing strong security cooperation

Militants dig in as Egypt cracks down on jihadi sandbox in Sinai

Authorities said they have postponed plans to disperse two Muslim Brotherhood sit-ins in Cairo. A Muslim Brotherhood official said authorities would be able to disperse the sit-ins only "through a massacre of tens of thousands". The detention of former president Mohammed Morsi was extended for the second time. Facebook reportedly removed a number of jihadi Facebook pages that had incited violence in the Sinai.

Insight: Sinai air strike shows hair-trigger Israel-Egypt security ties

The army said it had killed several jihadists in the Sinai in airstrikes. Unidentified security sources claimed that 15 jihadists were killed. A separate army statement said authorities are "working in silence ... to chase terrorist groups and to destroy criminal spots in North Sinai." The government expressed full support for the army's operations in the Sinai. Ansar Jerusalem released a video of the funeral recently held in the Sinai for four of its fighters. Fifiteen people were wounded and four homes and a church were firebombed in a clash between Muslims and Christians in southern Egypt.