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During operations in the Sinai, authorities seized weaponry and arrested wanted criminals. Security sources claimed to have arrested two people tied to the Oct. 19 bombing of a military intelligence building in Ismailia. At least 12 people were injured during protests on the anniversary of the Mohamed Mahmoud clashes. Security forces in North Sinai were placed on high alert for fear of attacks.

Authorities said "Islamic jihadists" were behind the killing of an officer from the Interior Ministry on Nov. 17. The Christian community is reportedly afraid to complain to the government about the continuing attacks on churches; there have been over 74 attacks since June 30. Protesters took to Tahrir Square in Cairo to protest against the army.

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A former official alleged that ousted president Mohammed Morsi had been in contact with jihadists in Africa, in particular Mali. A security officer who was monitoring Muslim Brotherhood activity within the national security sector was shot and killed in Nasr City. A roadside bomb in Sinai injured three security personnel.

Suez Canal targeted as war in Sinai spreads

Egypt: Fears replace Christians' high expectations

Army Chief General Abdel Fattah el Sisi met with Russian officials to discuss potential cooperation. The Electricity Ministry announced plans to issue an international tender related to the construction of its first nuclear power plant. The Interior Minister said authorities are aware of a Muslim Brotherhood plot to bring "violence and sabotage" to Egypt on Nov. 19. At least five were killed in clashes between security forces and Islamist militants in the Sinai.

Egypt's secular parties hampered by disorganization, infighting

The army arrested 11 extremists wanted in connection with recent attacks in the Sinai. The army announced the destruction and discovery of more smuggling tunnels near Rafah. Shootings by unidentified gunmen were reported in el Arish and Sheikh Zuweid. The Commander of the Second Field Army ordered the release of 120 people detained on suspicion of involvement in attacks in the Sinai. Former president Mohammed Morsi said he was kidnapped by the army a day before his removal was officially announced.

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Egypt's Christians close ranks as kidnappings spike

The country's intelligence chief warned that eradicating Sinai jihadist cells "could take some time." The state of emergency, which had been in place since July, was reportedly lifted two days earlier than planned. The detention of former president Morsi was extended for another 30 days. Security forces and Muslim Brotherhood supporters clashed at Mansoura University. Unidentified gunmen carried out three separate attacks in the Sinai, one of which killed a police officer.

Egypt intel chief: Eradicating Sinai jihadist cells 'could take some time'

Gunmen fired on a radio station in the al Masa'eed area of el Arish for the second time in recent days. The army announced the seizure of another weapons cache in Rafah. Clashes between security forces and Islamist militants in the Sinai left two dead. The Interior Minister indicated that a curfew and state of emergency in place since July will be lifted on Thursday.

Authorities seized a variety of weaponry and arrested a number of Islamist militants during operations in the Sinai. More weapons being smuggled in the country's western region were seized. Two policemen were killed by gunmen in Ismailia. A bomb exploded near an armored vehicle in North Sinai.

Egypt's Sinai Has Become the Latest Battleground for Global Jihadists

Security forces claimed to have killed eight gunmen during operations in the Sinai. Unidentified gunmen attacked a police checkpoint in el Arish. Smugglers shot and killed a police conscript near Gaza. Border guards thwarted a weapons smuggling operation along the border with Libya.

Russia sending foreign, defence chiefs to Egypt

Undermining Sinai's terrorist cells

A US naval convoy crossed through the Suez Canal after increased security was put in place. Security forces and Muslim Brotherhood supporters clashed in Alexandria. The country will aim to hold parliamentary elections in February or March 2014. The army announced the arrest of a number of suspects in the Sinai, including Salafi jihadists.