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Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant calls on Egyptians to wage 'jihad' against army

A new audio message from an ISIL spokesman denounced the Muslim Brotherhood as being worse than secularists. In addition, the spokesman called on Egyptian Muslims to wage 'jihad' against the army.

The Egyptian army announced the arrest of dozens of "takfirists" and "criminal elements" in the Sinai. One of those arrested in the Sinai, Adel Mohammed (Adel Habara), is said to be a top militant wanted in connection with the recent killing of over 20 policemen. A police officer on patrol in the Sinai was reportedly killed by unidentified gunmen. Jihadists were suspected in an attack involving RPGs on a bank in el Arish. The Egyptian army reportedly destroyed 10 smuggling tunnels between Gaza and Egypt. A terror plot intended to strike a ship in the Suez Canal failed.

Security forces arrested eight Muslim Brotherhood members wanted in connection with recent attacks in the Sinai. Supporters of former president Morsi held protests in Cairo; turnout was said to be low. Despite the low turnout, at least six people were reportedly killed in clashes.

Eyewitness: Sinai attackers used ambulance car bomb

Security forces killed two militants and arrested 16 others in el Arish. Foreign Minister Fahmy said the country opposes foreign intervention in Syria and has no plans to participate in impending strikes against the country. Government ministers defended the decision to prevent Qatar-backed al Jazeera from operating in Egypt. Authorities announced the arrest of senior Muslim Brotherhood official Mohamed el Beltagy.

Syria crisis: Where key countries stand

The interim prime minister said the government is backing away from plans to dissolve the Muslim Brotherhood. Sources alleged that perpetrators, including Hamas members, of the recent execution of over 20 policemen in the Sinai have been arrested. Hamas denied that any of its members were arrested. A suicide bomber attacked a police station in the Sinai, but no injuries aside from the bomber were reported. Authorities said they had arrested over 60 supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood in the past 24 hours.

In Egypt's Sinai, rising militancy threatens peacekeeping force

A wanted member of the Muslim Brotherhood, Mohammed el Beltagy, accused the Egyptian army of killing over 20 policemen in the Sinai to take the focus away from their actions. Prime Minister el Beblawi said the Muslim Brotherhood must come to terms with the current reality in the country. Militants continued to carry out attacks against security installations in the Rafah area. The Interior Ministry announced that 106 policemen have been killed since Aug. 14.

Egypt's Journalists, Still Under Siege

The Deepening Chaos in Sinai

Egypt's police state resurgent in Sinai tourist haven

Egypt Military Enlists Religion to Quell Ranks

The trial of 64 leaders and members of the Muslim Brotherhood and Gama'a al-Islamiya wanted in connection with inciting violence and attacks on churches began in Suez. At least two bombs were set off in the Sinai by Islamist militants. Authorities continued to arrest members of the Muslim Brotherhood leadership. Leaders from Egypt's Gamaa Islamiya and Islamic Jihad offered to mediate talks between the government and Muslim Brotherhood.

Egypt Widens Crackdown and Meaning of 'Islamist'

AQAP official comments on Egypt events, says America retreating

In two new messages, al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula official Harith bin Ghazi al Nadhari denounced the recent crackdown on the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and praised the actions of jihadists throughout the region and beyond.

The trial against a number of senior Muslim Brotherhood officials began. Authorities arrested an Islamist militant close to Mohammed al Zawahiri on suspicion of providing weapons to supporters of former president Mohammed Morsi. Hamas denied reports that it was operating training camps with the MB in Gaza. The army announced the arrest of five militants in the Sinai.

Clashes between Islamist militants and Egyptian security personnel continued in the Sinai. The leader of al-Gama'a al-Islamiyya said the group does not intend to return to its violent past. Authorities relaxed the curfew recently instituted as part of the crackdown on the Muslim Brotherhood.

Protests organized by supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood were said to have had a low turnout. Prior to the protests, security forces had reportedly tightened security measures. Authorities destroyed a couple of homes tied to smugglers nears the border with Gaza. Sinai-based jihadists threatened to carry out attacks against security personnel, while the army claimed to have killed at least 78 militants in the Sinai in recent weeks.

Sinai jihadists threaten attacks as Egyptian army claims successes

The Egyptian army's spokesman claimed that 78 militants have been killed in recent operations in the Sinai. The remarks come a day after a Sinai-based jihadist group, which had previously said it would not target the army, threatened attacks against Egyptian security personnel.