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Egyptian Christians living in fear of kidnap and torture

Exclusive: Assad's secret oil lifeline: Iraqi crude from Egypt

Bombing in Mansoura leaves at least 12 dead, 130 injured

The attack comes a day after Ansar Jerusalem said its fighters were prepared to "do jihad against" members of the security forces who do not repent and leave their positions. The number of wounded is the highest in a single attack since the overthrow of Mohammed Morsi in early July.

The army spokesman said operations in North Sinai in recent months had resulted in the death of 184 terrorists, a quarter of whom were said to be foreigners. The spokesman further said that 803 people had been arrested as part of the operations in North Sinai. Ansar Jerusalem called on members of the security forces to leave their positions. Officials announced the formation of a panel to investigate the violence following the overthrow of Mohammed Morsi in early July.

Who runs the Brotherhood?

Ansar Jerusalem threatens Egyptian security forces as army claims successes

The army spokesman said security forces operating in North Sinai killed four terrorists, including a leader in Ansar Jerusalem. Forces also reportedly arrested four terrorists trying to flee to the Gaza Strip. Authorities jailed three figures known for their roles in the 2011 uprising against the Mubarak regime. A recent Hamas rocket launch landed in Egyptian territorial waters. Security sources claimed that Ahmed Salama Mabrouk, a member of Egyptian Islamic Jihad, plays a key role in Ansar Jerusalem.

An explosive device went off overnight near a military vehicle south of el Arish. A day after major clashes with Ansar Jerusalem fighters, authorities imposed a curfew for a number of villages near Rafah. Al Gamaa al Islamiya said it plans to oppose the country's upcoming constitutional referendum. Former president Mohammed Morsi and over 125 others were referred to court over charges related to a mass jailbreak in January 2011.

Egyptian raid in Ansar Jerusalem stronghold fails to achieve goals

According to Egypt's army spokesman, the raid targeted Shadi el Menai and Kamal Allam, both of whom appear to have survived. At least two Egyptian soldiers were killed during the clashes.

The Sinai of All Fears

Egyptian security forces raided the village of al Mahdiya in North Sinai after a tip indicated that Ansar Jerusalem leaders were in the area. Major clashes ensued and at least two soldiers were killed along with three militants, according to the army spokesman. Sources said recently arrested Sinai militants had been found with weapons with markings from Hamas' al Qassam Brigades. Security forces clashed with Muslim Brotherhood supporters in Cairo.

Fear and Loathing in the Sinai

An suicide bomber reportedly blew himself up near Cairo as he was trying to escape arrest. A police recruit was killed in Port Said when unidentified gunmen opened fire on security forces. At least six Sinai Bedouin have been killed by unidentified gunmen in the past two days. A militant recently killed in Ismailia was said to be a member of the al Furqan Brigades. The Muslim Brotherhood denounced charges that former president Mohammed Morsi conspired with foreign groups to conduct terror attacks in Egypt. Members of the Nasr City terror cell threatened to kill national security officers during their latest court appearance.

Egyptian security forces outgunned by Islamic terrorists in Sinai

Former president Mohammed Morsi and 35 others were charged with conspiring with foreign groups, including Hamas and Hezbollah, to conduct terror attacks in Egypt. The public prosecutor also accused the Muslim Brotherhood of carrying out attacks in North Sinai against security personnel since Morsi's ouster. Defense Minister el Sisi met with some Sinai-based leaders, while a military source said 97 percent of tunnels between Gaza and Rafah have been destroyed. Security forces raided an apartment linked to militants in Shorouq City, but no arrests were made. Security forces operating in North Sinai killed two Islamist militants after being attacked.

Israel benefits from Hamas' decline

Egyptian army says 5 jihadists killed in recent Sinai operations

The army spokesman said forces killed a member of Ansar Bayt al Maqdis during operations in North Sinai. Defense Minister el Sisi said operations "to eradicate terrorism and cleanse the Sinai" will continue. An explosive device went off in a residential area of eastern Cairo. A policeman was shot and killed during clashes with Islamist militants near Ismailia. A court reduced the sentence of a Muslim cleric from 11 to 5 years for burning a Bible. Unidentified gunmen killed four members of the Sawarka tribe in a shooting attack in North Sinai.

Egyptian Christians Bridle at Prison Terms for Copts Only in Fatal Clash

Egyptian forces reportedly intensified their campaign to find Ansar Bayt al Maqdis and al Furqan Brigades members in the Ismailia area. Army operations in North Sinai also continued. Defense Minister el Sisi reiterated his call for tribes in Sinai and Upper Egypt to hand over their weaponry. Supporters of former president Mohammed Morsi said they will boycott the country's constitutional referendum. Security forces thwarted a plan to free 40 inmates from Borg al Arab prison.