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Congress to Give Egypt $1.5 Billion in Aid

In North Sinai, militant threats cloud referendum vote

Supporters of former president Mohammed Morsi clashed with security forces at three Cairo universities. The army spokesman announced the destruction of 10 smuggling tunnels in the Rafah area in North Sinai. Authorities reportedly arrested a person who was in possession of explosive materials in Alexandria. In North Sinai, authorities arrested three terror suspects.

Defense Minister el Sisi said he would run for president if he believed it was the will of the people. Sisi urged Egyptians to vote in the country's upcoming constitutional referendum. At least seven suspects were arrested during security operations in North Sinai. A suspected terrorist was arrested near Ismailia in the possession of four grenades.

The army spokesman announced the arrest of a number of individuals, including a weapons smuggler, in North Sinai. The spokesman also said that four people were arrested with arms and an explosive belt in Ismailia. Six Palestinians who entered Egypt illegally from Gaza were arrested near Rafah. At least three people were killed during clashes between security forces and Muslim Brotherhood supporters.

Growing Opium Is All the Sinai Bedouins Have Left

The Syrian civil war has now reached the heart of Egypt

Authorities arrested an alleged member of the al Furqan Brigades as well as two Palestinians found with photos of Hamas' Izz al Din al Qassam Brigades on their computers. At least four explosive devices in North Sinai were defused. Courts sentenced 113 Muslim Brotherhood supporters to multi-year prison sentences, while an Egyptian-born American was arrested for allegedly attacking police stations. The Interior Ministry said it is prepared to ensure security during the upcoming constitutional referendum.

Brigades of Lone Wolves claims responsibility for recent Egypt attacks

The army spokesman announced the arrest of a 12-year-old suspected of aiding terrorists in North Sinai. The spokesman said children are being used to monitor army movements in the area. The trial of former president Mohammed Morsi was postponed due to bad weather. A fighter jet crashed in the Dakahlia governorate during a training exercise.

Al-Qaeda hasn't gone away, and is gaining

Security forces arrested two Palestinians illegally entering Egypt through tunnels from Gaza. Explosive devices targeted armored vehicles near el Arish and Rafah. Influential Qatar-based cleric Yusuf al Qaradawi issued a fatwa banning participation in Egypt's upcoming constitutional referendum. Army Chief Abdel Fattah el Sisi is said to be planning to run for president. A police car near Cairo was attacked by a bomb and gunfire. Four Egyptian officials were reportedly kidnapped in South Sinai.

Hamas' fortunes slide with change in Middle East neighbors

Security forces in el Arish thwarted attempts to detonate four explosive devices targeting security personnel. Authorities also reportedly arrested an Ansar Jerusalem member linked to the group's October South Sinai attack. The US State Department urged US citizens to avoid travel to North Sinai. Security was increased at churches around the country. An Islamist alliance plans to hold protests during the upcoming constitutional referendum.

The Muslim Brotherhood, Back in a Fight to Survive

The continuing evolution of al Qaeda 3.0

One soldier was killed and two others wounded when an IED exploded in North Sinai. Three people believed to be responsible for the attack were arrested. Authorities defused an explosive device found near a government building in North Sinai. The government said it planned to confront the Muslim Brotherhood with "full force."

At least eleven people were killed during clashes between security forces and Muslim Brotherhood supporters. Four soldiers were wounded by explosions targeting armored vehicles near Sheikh Zuweid. Two civilians were killed by unidentified gunmen in mysterious circumstances in North Sinai. A Swiss couple was found murdered at their home in a Red Sea resort.

Chatah's assassination marks rise of extremism in Lebanon

Ansar Jerusalem announced the deaths of a fighter and preacher, and threatened revenge attacks. Interior Minister Ibrahim identified Tawfiq Mohammed Freij Ziada as an Ansar Jerusalem leader and accused the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas of carrying out hostile acts. Authorities defused seven explosive devices in Tanta in the Nile Delta. In North Sinai, one terrorist was killed as he tried to plant an explosive device near a hospital. Former president Morsi faces trial on Jan. 28 for a jail break case.