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In Egypt, ideas of a radical Islamist make comeback

Ansar Jerusalem announces deaths of 3 fighters, including commander

The army claimed to have killed three Islamist militants and seized a variety of weaponry during operations in North Sinai. Security forces clashed with supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood in Cairo. Authorities requested that INTERPOL help arrest Assem Abdel-Maged, a leading member of Gama'a al Islamiyya who has reportedly fled the country.

The al Furqan Brigades claimed responsibility for a number of recent shooting attacks on Egyptian security personnel. Three Islamist militants were reportedly killed during operations in North Sinai. Authorities dispersed an authorized protest in Cairo. The army received a variety of weaponry from residents in the country's western region, including Grad rockets. The committee working on the country's referendum reached a consensus on the document's text; a referendum is expected in December.

Al Furqan Brigades claims responsibility for recent shooting attacks in Egypt

More than 200 people were arrested for participating in illegal protests. President Mansour said he would consider pardoning the Islamist women recently sentenced for protesting in support of the Muslim Brotherhood. Authorities reportedly arrested a main suspect in the killing of national security officer Mohammed Mabrouk. Authorities discovered a number of mines and mortars near the city of Suez.

In Egypt, university campuses emerge as the latest battleground

A court in Alexandria sentenced 14 alleged female Muslim Brotherhood members to prison for 11 years. During raids in North Sinai, the army seized a variety of weapons. The government reached an agreement with the EU for a €90 million aid package. The army released footage of some of the homes targeted in operations in North Sinai.

Three wanted Islamist militants were killed in North Sinai, including a man known as the "Sheikh of the Takfiris." Authorities reportedly exposed a Mossad espionage ring. Prime Minister Beblawi says he considers the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist group. Authorities said they were investigating the disappearance of an Egyptian-born German author and critic of Islam. Security forces clashed with opponents of the country's new protest law.

Egyptian forces kill 'Sheikh of the Takfiris' in North Sinai operation

Egyptian Islamist figure issues warning on Sinai

Egypt takes aim at Brotherhood's foreign backers

At least two police officers were wounded when a bomb exploded near a checkpoint in Cairo. Authorities dispersed a rally in Assiut province that defied a new protest law. Defense Minister el Sisi said operations continue in the Sinai against terrorist elements. Prime Minister el Beblawi said a referendum on the country's constitution would likely take place in January.

Security forces closed off main squares in Cairo and Giza to prevent the Muslim Brotherhood from carrying out large-scale protests. The army denied that gunmen had attacked the headquarters of the Arish Military Prosecution. A bill that places some restrictions on the ability of citizens to assemble and protest was signed into law by President Mansour. Islamists and Coptic Christians traded threats over the country's draft constitution.

Egyptian Minister: Muslim Brotherhood 'mobilized a number of terrorist extremist elements'

Radical opposition boycotts Mauritanian elections

A gag order was imposed on a number of high profile cases including one involving former president Mohammed Morsi. A military source denied reports that a grad rocket was fired from the Sinai toward Israel. Influential cleric Sheikh Yusuf al Qaradawi described the current government in Egypt as "thugs who kill people and steal their money."A US citizen is among a group of people detained for partaking in protests following the overthrow of Mohammed Morsi. The Turkish Ambassador to Egypt was expelled.

What's Behind the Wave of Terror in the Sinai

A factory linked to the army was attacked near Rafah. Two people were detained in connection with the recent killing of a police officer, while army operations continued in North Sinai. At least three were killed during clashes throughout the country. A top Muslim Brotherhood figure was arrested in North Sinai. Security forces increased measures on roads linking the Sinai and Suez area. Army chief el Sisi did not rule out the possibility of running for president. A security official in North Sinai denied rumors of the arrest of Shadi el Menai, a leader in Ansar Jerusalem. The Interior Ministry is investigating whether the agency has been infiltrated by Islamists.

Egypt's 'Muslim Sisterhood' moves from social work to politics