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Tough road for Sahel security

Zawahiri's message 'to our people in Sinai'

Ansar Jerusalem released video of its SAM attack on an Egyptian military helicopter in North Sinai. Unidentified gunmen ambushed a bus transporting soldiers in North Sinai and killed at least three. An American citizen recently detained by Egyptian authorities was released.

Ansar Jerusalem claims SAM attack as 3 soldiers killed in Sinai bus ambush

Ansar Jerusalem claimed responsibility for at least four additional attacks in North Sinai, but appeared to back off its original claims for attacks near the Talabiya police station and Behooth metro station in the Cairo area on Jan. 24.

Can Egypt Handle Ansar Bayt al Maqdis?

At least 25 people were killed in clashes on the third anniversary of the uprising against the Mubarak regime. An explosion was heard near a police building in the city of Suez; some reports suggested a car bomb was the cause. The army said a helicopter operating in North Sinai had crashed, while local residents suggested the helicopter had been "gunned down." Medics said five people were killed in the incident. In a new audio statement, al Qaeda emir Ayman al Zawahiri said Egyptian Muslims should not fight Christians in Egypt, but should focus on "confronting the Americanized coup." In North Sinai, a power station was targeted by unidentified assailants with an RPG.

Ansar Jerusalem claims responsibility for Cairo attacks that killed 6

The attacks came just hours after one of the group's members issued an audio warning threatening attacks. The group also reiterated that its official material is released only through the jihadist forums of Al Fajr Media Center, al Qaeda's exclusive media distribution outlet.

Bombings in Cairo kill at least 6, injure dozens more

The largest attack, which targeted the Cairo Security Directorate, came only a few hours after an Ansar Jerusalem official urged Egyptian security personnel to repent and save themselves.

A series of bombings in Cairo, including a suicide car bombing at the Security Directorate, left at least six people dead and scores wounded. Ansar Jerusalem claimed responsibility for the attacks. The army said 27 terrorist elements were arrested in operations in North Sinai. In separate shooting attacks in North Sinai, a civilian and member of the security forces were targeted.

US Embassy plot reveals Israel's growing Al Qaeda problem

Unidentified gunmen killed five policemen and injured two others in an shooting at a checkpoint near Beni Suef; an officer who was absent at the time was suspended pending an investigation. President Mansour said Egypt's police state has ended. At least one person was killed during clashes between opponents and supporters of former president Mohammed Morsi in Alexandria.

The army spokesman announced the destruction of nine additional smuggling tunnels in Rafah as well as the arrest of seven terrorists. A military source said security forces were searching for four top terrorists in the Sinai, including Shadi el Menai of Ansar Jerusalem. Authorities filed espionage charges against a popular academic.

Israel will be hard-pressed to respond to Sinai rocket attack

Sinai-based Ansar Jerusalem claims latest rocket attack on Eilat

The army spokesman said security forces arrested 19 terrorists in operations in North Sinai. The spokesman also announced the destruction of nine smuggling tunnels in the Rafah area near Gaza. A number of Sinai tribes continued to hand over weaponry and ammunition to the army. The security alert was reportedly raised in the Sinai for fear of upcoming attacks.

Ansar Jerusalem claims responsibility for recent Sinai gas pipeline attack

Region Boiling, Israel Takes Up Castle Strategy

The army spokesman said security forces yesterday killed a top commander in the Tawhid and Jihad Group during operations in North Sinai; security sources had previously identified the terrorist as a member of Ansar Jerusalem. New charges were filed against former president Mohammed Morsi for allegedly insulting the judiciary. Ansar Jerusalem claimed responsibility for a recent gas pipeline attack in the Sinai.

Fog of Benghazi: Al Qaeda, Dead Americans and an Emerging Threat

Islamist militants detonated explosives along a gas pipeline in the Sinai. At least one person was killed during clashes between Muslim Brotherhood supporters and security forces. The army spokesman announced the destruction of eight smuggling tunnels and said over 1,110 tunnels have been destroyed since January 2013. Security forces seized a cache of explosive materials and weaponry in West Qantara City in the Suez. Officials denied reports of an attack on a radio station in North Sinai.