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Unidentified gunmen shot and killed a police officer overnight in el Arish, North Sinai. The Foreign Ministry called for an international fund to collect weapons in neighboring Libya. At least two police vehicles were torched by unknown assailants in Giza. Clashes between Muslim Brotherhood supporters and security forces were reported in a number of governorates.

The army said operations in North Sinai resulted in the deaths of 10 militants. Unidentified gunmen fired on a non-commissioned police officer in Beni Suef. An IED exploded overnight in District 7 of 6 October City, while a homemade bomb went off near a courts complex in Qena. A bomb struck a reserve gas pipeline in Port Said. A government-appointed panel blamed Muslim Brotherhood supporters for the deaths of hundreds of people at protests in August.

Egypt's Arms Deal with Russia: Potential Strategic Costs

Security forces reportedly thwarted a suicide bombing attack at a security site in North Sinai. A court announced that Hamas was banned from carrying out activities in Egypt. Unidentified gunmen opened fire on a bus transporting security personnel in North Sinai.

Egypt tightens grip on mosques to curb Islamist dissent

The Interior Ministry said it arrested members of a terror cell in Beheira that was targeting security personnel and civilians. Officials began a new push to convince foreigners that Egypt is safe to visit. A police sergeant was shot dead by unidentified gunmen in Beni Suef. In Giza, gunmen killed at least one policeman and wounded another. Attacks targeting security personnel were reported in Mansoura and Aswan. The army said 21 militants were arrested in North Sinai and nine others in Minya.

Security sources said they are concerned Ansar Jerusalem is planning new attacks. Prime Minister Mahlab said security will be the top priority for his government. The Interior Ministry announced the arrest of 13 members of a suspected terror cell in Alexandria. Authorities reportedly arrested the owner of a workshop that produced weapons for militants in North Sinai.

Authorities arrested three people on suspicion of forming a terror cell in Sharkiya. The government swore in a new cabinet. The army spokesman said operations in North Sinai resulted in the death of 10 militants and arrest of 11 others. The son of former president Mohammed Morsi was arrested over drug charges.

Unidentified gunmen killed a policeman who was part of the security team guarding the judge in one of Mohammed Morsi's trials. Security forces reportedly closed all roads leading to Rafah as Palestinians protested on the Gaza side of the Rafah border crossing. At least one person was killed and two injured during clashes in Alexandria.

Security forces reportedly arrested those behind the recent shooting death of a national security officer in Sharkiya. The army spokesman said one militant was killed and 11 others arrested during operations in North Sinai. Authorities arrested seven people suspected of inciting violence on Facebook against security personnel.

A court sentenced 26 people to death for forming a terror group that sought to launch attacks against the Suez Canal. Army chief Abdel Fattah el Sisi is expected to stay on as defense minister in the new Cabinet. State TV said Interior Minister Mohammed Ibrahim will keep his position. In March, a court will announce whether Hamas is a terror organization in Egypt. Egyptian military helicopters struck a number of targets south of Sheikh Zuweid in North Sinai.

Sinai gas pipeline struck for 4th time in 2014

The army spokesman said 16 militants were arrested during operations in North Sinai. A military officer was wounded in a shooting attack by gunmen in Sharkiya. Border Guards detained five Muslim Brotherhood members who were reportedly fleeing to Sudan. Egypt's newly designated prime minister said his government would work to "crush terrorism" throughout the country. Unidentified gunmen blew up a gas pipeline in North Sinai.

The army spokesman said operations in North Sinai over the weekend had resulted in the death of 14 militants and the arrest of 23 others. The spokesman also said an Ansar Jerusalem member was killed during a firefight with forces. Prime Minister Beblawi announced that the current Egyptian cabinet had resigned. A court upheld the designation of the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization. A policeman was shot dead by unidentified gunmen in Sharqiya.

A security officer was shot and killed by unidentified gunmen in Sharkiya. Military sources said 10 militants were killed in the latest air strikes in North Sinai. Former President Mohammed Morsi said the court trying him and other Brotherhood members lacks the necessary authority.

Israel efforts at thwarting the Sinai terrorism threat

Egyptian helicopters carried out a number of airstrikes in North Sinai. Security sources claimed to have arrested one of the Ansar Jerusalem members responsible for the Jan. 25 downing of a helicopter with a SAM. Security officials also said five Islamist militants were killed and 36 others arrested in operations in North Sinai. Five Egyptians deported from Madagascar were detained on charges of belonging to al Qaeda.

Militants turning to violence in Egypt; groups use Facebook to threaten police

New photos of the Nasr City terror cell were published by the Egyptian media. Officials claimed that senior members of Ansar Jerusalem were killed in North Sinai airstrikes. Security sources said three people tied to the Taba tourist bus bombing have been arrested. Gunmen carried out three separate shooting attacks in the Sharkiya area in the past 24 hours.

New photos of Nasr City cell members published