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East African rapid reaction force ready by December: officials

US military Africa chief: Chaos in Libya is destabilizing the region

The UK Foreign Office has warned of "credible reports" that Shabaab is planning further attacks on Western interests in Djibouti, which hosts the biggest US military base in Africa. The US issued a similar warning on June 8.

Shabaab takes credit for double suicide bombings in Djibouti

Suicide bombers attacked Western soldiers in Djibouti

The Interior Ministry said that the two suicide bombers who detonated at a busy restaurant yesterday, killing three people and injuring at least 15 more, were a man and a veiled woman who were both Somali. Several European soldiers were injured in the attack but no US troops were harmed.

Two grenades exploded in an attack on a Djibouti city restaurant crowded with Westerners, killing two people and injuring 11 more. Six Dutch soldiers and several French nationals are said to have been injured in the attack. Both the US and France have bases in Djibouti, which also contributes forces to the AMISOM effort in neighboring Somalia.

Al Qaeda weapons ship docks in Aden

Spanish Air Force maintains maritime patrol force in Djibouti

U.S. moves drone fleet from Camp Lemonnier to ease Djibouti's safety concerns

Drones in Niger Reflect New US Tack on Terrorism

Drone base in Niger gives US a strategic foothold in West Africa

Militant Threats Test Role of a Pentagon Command in Africa

Renditions continue under Obama, despite due-process concerns

'Swedes did not commit crime against America'

US trains African soldiers for Somalia mission

Shabaab suicide bomber strikes at presidential palace in Mogadishu

Shabaab continues to be able to penetrate high-security areas in the Somali capital. At least four Somalis were killed in the attack.

Camp Lemonnier in Djibouti Played Crucial Role in Somalia Rescue

US focus to beat al-Qaeda shifting to Africa

US defence chief in Djibouti for counter-terrorism talks