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Ex-Guantanamo detainee reportedly killed in Syria

Slimane-Hadj-Abderrahmane.jpgSlimane Hadj Abderrahmane, an ex-Gitmo detainee, has reportedly been killed while fighting in Syria. Abderrahmane was allegedly a member of an al Qaeda-linked group prior to his detention in late 2001. Authorities at Guantanamo deemed him a "high" risk to the US and its allies.

Two Somali brothers from Aarhus are accused of collaborating to arrange and finance the older brother's stay at a Shabaab training camp in Somalia. The older brother spent several months at a Shabaab camp near Mogadishu until early 2012. The suspects have been in custody since May 2012.

Copenhagen police: Gang threats against local politician "inappropriate"

Denmark - Copenhagen's anti-hate campaigning focusing on gays and Jews

Ahmed Akkari, a Danish Islamic leader who traveled to the Middle East in 2006 to provoke reaction against a Danish newspaper's publication of cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed, said he regretted his action now because it resulted in the curtailment of civil rights of Muslim groups in Denmark. He still blames the newspaper for the "ordeal."

Hedegaard lashes out following failed assassination attempt

Police are looking for a Danish-speaking man with "Middle Eastern traits" who attempted to assassinate Danish free speech advocate and Islam critic Lars Hedegaard yesterday. PET, the domestic intelligence agency, cautioned that it can never "offer full protection to people who make controversial statements in the public debate and thereby become potential targets of violent extremism."

Lars Hedegaard, president of the Danish Free Press Society and a critic of Islam, survived an assassination attempt outside his home. The assailant fired and missed, then fled when his gun jammed. Shortly thereafter, two men in ski masks were seen jumping into the hippopotamus enclosure at the nearby Copenhagen Zoo. In 2011 Hedegaard was cleared of a racism charge for anti-Muslim comments made at a party.

Jyllands-Posten journalists honoured for reporting on former PET agent

School Support Grows Even Under Specter of a Taliban Return

American Mumbai plotter to be sentenced in Chicago

A Dane tells of his life as a spy inside the al-Qaida network

Denmark - New controls over PET announced in wake of media Storm

'Tis the season ... for bomb threats

'Kaldet til Islam' (The Call to Islam), a radical Danish Muslim group, regularly follows the sermons of Omar Bakri, a Syrian extremist cleric now imprisoned in Lebanon who has praised the 9/11 attacks and said anyone who insults the Prophet Mohammed should be killed. Parliament is beefing up security due to the rising risk of a terrorist bombing.

The Israeli ambassador advised Jews in Denmark to avoid wearing Jewish faith symbols in public in order to avoid harassment. Authorities have urged Jews to be especially cautious in Copenhagen's multiethnic Nørrebro district.

Denmark - Bomb scare at Central Station called off

Denmark - Police admit using Google translation in terror investigation was mistake

UN set to implicitly recognize Palestinian state, despite threats

Danish government targets Sharia marriages