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Denmark - Homegrown imam programme proposed

Syrian refugees smuggled into Denmark

Denmark - Young poet threatened after TV appearance

Pakistan hands over suspected green-on-blue killer for trial

Hekmatullah.jpgThe difficult work of bringing green-on-blue killers to justice moves a step forward with the recent transfer of a rogue ANA soldier from Pakistan to Afghanistan. In the process, Coalition authorities are faced with the problems of Taliban influence and safe havens in Pakistan.

The Supreme Court rejected a Kurdish TV station's attempt to appeal its terrorism conviction. The domestic intelligence agency PET is training shop managers in Copenhagen and Aarhus how to identify potential terrorists.

The national intelligence agency, PET, said that some 40 Danish residents have trained in Shabaab camps in Somalia, and that the terror group has recruited in Denmark as part of an effort to gain fighters from outside Somalia. Citing an inability to find violations of the law, police dropped their investigation of extremist cleric Abu Ahmed, his Quba mosque, and the organization Hjælp4Syrien, which are thought to be supporting jihadist activity in Syria.

Denmark - Report: Right-wing groups pose greatest threat

Danish-Iranian artist convicted of racism

Trial began in Copenhagen for 11 men accused of sending 11 million Danish kroner (nearly $2 million) to aid the outlawed Kurdistan Workers Party in Turkey. All of the defendants have pled not guilty to terror charges but some admitted to raising the money for other purposes. The case arose from information obtained during the investigation of a Kurdish TV station that was found to have promoted terrorism.

Abderozzak Benarabe, a convicted gang leader from Nørrebro who is said to have fought with the Islamist Ahrar al Sham brigade in Syria this year, is wanted by authorities for assault and robbery in Nørrebro. Officials interrogated him on his return from Syria but have not charged him with terrorist offenses. He is said to be in Morocco.

Denmark - Concerns mount about mosque's ties to Hamas TV station

A video featuring Abu Khattab, a Danish-speaking jihadist in Syria has emerged, showing Khattab and three other fighters declaring war on the "enemies of Islam" and aiming guns at photos of six prominent Danes, including NATO head Anders Fogh Rasmussen. The chairman of the Danish Syrian Association said the Assad regime was not responsible for the chemical attack in Damascus on Aug. 21. Denmark said it will not offer permanent residency to Syrian refugees.

Denmark's largest mosque nears completion

Al Qaeda threat to Denmark on the wane

The state attorney's department for special economic and international crime has begun investigating Syrian refugees who are suspected of committing war crimes in Syria. The investigations will look at those who have fought for the Assad regime as well as those who have fought with the rebels.

Leading imam during Cartoon Crisis regrets involvement

Denmark - Islamic group: Politician's comments were "sad and childish"

Venstre to unhappy Muslims: "Find somewhere else to live"

Authorities announced a possible lead in the investigation into the February attack on Danish free speech advocate Lars Hedegaard. A dark blue VW Transporter van was seen outside Hedegaard's residence just prior to the attempted shooting. The car was purchased a few days earlier by a man of "ethnic origin other than Danish" who used the false identity "Mohammed Issa"; his description matches that of the attacker.

The head of PET, Denmark's secret service agency, said the agency and the government are taking measures to crack down on Danes who travel to Syria to fight with the rebels, who pose "one of the most serious security risks to the Danish society at the moment." PET estimates that at least 65 Danes have fought in the conflict; five are known to have been killed in Syria. Many of the Danish fighters are said to have joined the al Qaeda-linked Al Nusrah Front.