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Russian Media Suggests Moscow 'Grand Theft Auto' Gang Linked To Islamic State, Central Asia

One Year After Leader's Death, North Caucasus Insurgency Soldiers On

Syria's Dagestan ruled by the sword of ISIS

Russia Warned U.S. About Tsarnaev, But Spelling Issue Let Him Escape

Latest Report Of Umarov's Death Leaves Details Unclear

An Olympics in the Shadow of a War Zone

Muslims In Daghestan, Azerbaijan Call For Boycott Of New Year Celebrations

Suicide bomber strikes at Russian train station

The bombing, which was likely executed by the Islamic Caucasus Emirate, took place in a region where Russia will host the 2014 Winter Olympics, and is the second suicide attack in Volgograd since October.

Suspected 'Black Widow' suicide bomber kills 6 in southern Russia

Islamist militants affiliated with the Caucasus Emirate appear determined to wreak havoc in advance of Russia's planned Winter Olympics in Sochi.

Russian rebels in Syria 'pose threat to Olympics'

Daghestan Government Dismissed

Russian Court Upholds Ban On Religious Clothing At Stavropol Region Schools

Dagestan and the Tsarnaev brothers: The radicalisation risk

Russia Wants Tourism, Not Terrorism, For Embattled Caucasus

Analysis: Putin gambles by taking down Dagestan strongman

Dagestan Islamists Rebuffed Boston Bombing Suspect

From Toronto to Dagestan; Canadian jihadi draws parallels with Tsarnaev

Mystery Swirls Around Boston Bombing Suspect's Trip To Daghestan

Why the FBI Didn't Make Much of Russia's Request to Probe Boston Bomber

Boston's Jihadist Past