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Terrorists, traffickers forge unholy alliance

Hezbollah financing evolves beyond Colombia's Muslim communities

Colombia's No. 2 oil pipeline shut after bomb attacks: Ecopetrol

Treasury Targets Major Money Laundering Network Operating Out of Colombia

FARC links with Al-Qaeda?

FARC leader confirms Colombia peace talks under way

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Panetta warns on Latin America terrorism

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US sues Lebanese firms for 'laundering Hezbollah funds'

Beirut Bank Seen as a Hub of Hezbollah's Financing

A decade after the 9/11 attacks, Americans live in an era of endless war

US Promotes New Plan To Battle Drug Trade In Afghanistan, Central Asia, Russia

Female Colombian snipers 'fighting to defend Col Gaddafi in Libya'

US: FARC, Taliban are among largest traffickers

South American drug gangs funding al-Qaeda terrorists

Venezuela acquires 1,800 antiaircraft missiles from Russia