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Priest: 30 dead in Central African Republic clash

UN chief says Central African Republic peacekeepers 'overwhelmed'

CAR crisis: UN says Chad troops fired into market

Chad to withdraw troops from AU mission in Central African Republic

EU launches Central Africa military operation

Chadian troops driving into Bangui to evacuate Muslims opened fire on civilians, killing at least 10 and wounding about 30. The Christian anti-balaka militia has accused Chad of siding with the Muslims and Seleka rebels in the conflict, in which thousands of Muslims and Christians have been killed. On March 27, a grenade attack on a funeral in Bangui killed 11 people and wounded 14; the attack was blamed on Seleka "extremists well known to the police." The attackers also mugged Red Cross aid workers and stole their phones.

Central African Republic: Bangui grenade attack kills 11

UN official says 'terrifying' level of hatred in Central African Republic

Interview with Central African Republic President Samba-Panza

Taliban condemn violence in Central African Republic

A spokesman for the largely Christian "anti-balaka" militia that has been retaliating against Muslims said the militia will lay down its weapons only if the largely Muslim Seleka fighters are disarmed first. UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon recently voiced grave concern over violence in the country, and warned of a "de facto" partition. The Afghan Taliban issued a statement in English condemning the killing of Muslims by Christians in the CAR. Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb issued a statement blaming France for the killing of Muslims in the CAR, and urged them to retaliate by attacking French interests.

UN chief wants 3,000 more troops for Central African Republic

French minister says Central African Republic operation to last longer than expected

CAR crisis: The church sheltering Muslims

UNICEF Urges Action to Prevent CAR 'Catastrophe'

For US forces, delivering peacekeepers to the CAR is no easy task

Widespread violence perpetrated by Christian militias, including the destruction of mosques and cannibalism, is being reported. CAR troops who had opposed Michel Djotodia and deserted have returned to their barracks. Djotodia has flown to exile in Benin.

Michael Djotodia, the Seleka leader who became president of the Central African Republic, has agreed to resign. The announcement was met with impromptu celebrations in the capital, Bangui.

Record number of UN peacekeepers fails to stop African wars

Nearly million people displaced by CAR conflict