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Muslim Seleka militants attacked a Catholic church in Bangui yesterday where people were sheltering from violence; the assailants threw grenades and shot at women and children, killing at least 11 people. A priest at the church said AU peacekeepers failed to respond to urgent calls during the attack. Today Christian anti-balaka militias retaliated by sacking an empty mosque and barricading streets with burning tires. Seleka controls much of northern CAR, and is said to be creating a parallel army and police force in the region.

Central African Republic's Seleka rebels reorganize

Seleka rebels have begun regrouping in the north and this week named Gen. Joseph Zindeko, who formerly commanded a rebel base in Bangui, as Seleka's new leader. On May 6, French forces killed several militiamen when a group of 40 armed fighters attacked a French patrol in the Nanga-Boguila region. On May 2, attackers killed 22 people, including three health workers, at a French-run hospital. Journalism in CAR is hampered by lack of basic resources, widespread intimidation, and influence by rival groups.

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