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Islamic Caucasus Emirate leader Dokku Umarov

Russian 'Bin Laden' killed by Moscow's special forces

The Chechen War as viewed by its fighters

Russian police kill al Qaeda's co-founder in the Caucasus

Mokhmad Mohamad Shabban, a wanted Egyptian al Qaeda operative who helped establish the terror group in the Caucasus, was killed by Russian security forces during a clash in Dagestan.

Dagestan - Political uncertainty grips a Russian republic

Kremlin urges Caucasus leaders to back new envoy

Al Qaeda leader in Turkey captured

Abu-Zar-thumb.jpgAbu Zar was planning to conduct attacks against Turkish forces in Afghanistan. Turkey has rounded up more than 150 suspected al Qaeda operatives and supporters during raids nationwide this week.

Two policemen found dead in Chechnya

Russia claims it has won peace, but Chechen terrorism is defiantly back

Caucasus Emirate leader thought killed in raid

Chechen and Russian forces think Doku Umarov may be among the more than 20 jihadis killed during a raid in Chechnya. Three of Umarov's senior aides were killed in the attack.

Suicide bomber targets police in the Caucasus

Russia's brutal guerrilla war

Chechnya and its neighbors suffer a relapse

Kremlin sends tough general to troubled Ingushetia

Suicide car bomber kills more than 20 in Ingushetia

Chechnya: Estemirova's death raises questions about Kadyrov's power

Ingush President wounded as Caucasus Emirate revives martyrdom operations

Two of President Yevkurov's bodyguards are killed in a suicide car bombing that targeted his convoy. This attack and others cast doubts that the insurgency is logistically impaired.

Chechen leader says rebel chief badly wounded

Caucasus jihad: Terror tactics back on the horizon?

The leader of the Emirate has announced that this year will be the "offensive year." With it, suicide bombings and more radicalized tactics may be returning to the scene.

Bomb Blast Kills Four In Chechnya